Pain , too is a Gift




Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this ,too, was gift .

When I look back at the pages of my life , I realize that I have been blessed by the Almighty immensely .He blossomed me and nurtured me into something which has strong and steady roots and provides for fruits of love without expecting anything in return. 
He did it with immense love. 
I very rarely do not receive what I ask for. I have materialized my Dreams with his grace. My Bucket List is not just a List but a ” To Do List ” of God. I have attracted the Best People in my Life , the ones that were exactly what I needed to have that very moment.
I take pride when I say – I am Blessed.
Whatever he sends for you , is a Gift – Pain included. We do not take a moment to think and start cursing him during Adversities. We ask him , ” Why are you doing this only to me . I never did harm to anyone ” What we fail to understand is that Pain too was sent for our nourishment.
We grow , We learn , We excel , We strive better when we go through storms. We understand Life like never before once we have seen it’s closure.
Tough People always bring out the best in us. The ones who hurt us gave us the best lessons. Situations that swept the ground beneath our feet become our trademarks. 
Pain is a Gift . God sends toughest battles to his bravest warriors. He wants us to Shine Bright. He wants us to bring a Change into this World. He chose us for his Noble Plans.
The ones who have seen the worst are also the ones who strive hard to make others smile because nobody knows what it means to be hurt like they do. They are the ones with kindest hearts who battle each day to survive.
And Happy Life teaches you nothing. Hard Fact.
You cherish Abundance when you have seen Scarcity. You treasure Love when you have been hated immensely. You value Family when you are alone in a distant land. Life is made up of Opposites.
People are going to Hurt you , Betray you , Back stab you , Use you , Mock at you Forever. This isn’t stopping ever till you breathe but your Life changes when you start looking at them as Strict Teachers who want you to learn it hard way.

Pain works on your Soul like Magic . Let it drench inside you and Shine through your Eyes 



14 thoughts on “Pain , too is a Gift

  1. “I have attracted the Best People in my Life , the ones that were exactly what I needed to have that very moment.”
    I suddenly realized that I am a lucky person too when it comes to meeting the right people at the right time.


  2. Pain is inevitable. But for a seed to grow it needs to be totally crushed,broken and shattered.
    Exactly what pain does and allows light in for growth. It just takes time and courage and plenty of patience to grasp that 🙂

    Beautifully written. Connects to emotions.

    P.s Drop by my blog sometime. Follow back if you feel connected 🙂

    Take care,


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