I am Free and that is why I am Lost

Is it only me or anyone else out there too who misses things as they used to be. We never really learn to adapt, we just compromise on what or how we wanted it to be.

Changes, I have always had this love- hate relationship with them. Some changes that look good on the surface aren’t good inside and others that seemed like our world comes crashing down beside us actually helped us become who we are today.

But deep inside, we miss the things as they used to be, no matter how far we go in life …

I miss the Delhi that was not so crowded , I miss my school days , I miss my old almirah , I miss sleeping on my mom’s lap , I miss spending evenings with my friends bulging all kinds of street food , I miss cycling in rains , I miss dating Angel on weekends for a Movie and a long drive even if we are married now.

I miss playing in the sands, bathing for hours, fighting for remote with siblings, visiting the nani house during summers. I miss laughing so hard that stomach aches, I miss having a bank balance that existed just for shopping , I miss being in the USA ,I miss carefree days , I miss long weekend holidays , I miss being away from family , I miss long walks in the woods , I miss my pet , I miss being pampered by mom .

I miss Life sometimes.

And above all, I miss myself.

The Girl who just wanted to live every single moment of her Life and die with zero regrets. Someone who always felt better away from home. Someone who wanted to see the world and feel it.

I miss Myself. I am tired of masks I have to wear and things I have to stop myself from saying


Let me know you were here :)

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