Save when you Shake

So , how is the weather treating y’all ? Did I ever bragged before how much I hate summers. I wish sometimes to live in a place where there’s no harsh sun but than I remind myself of a friend , Sophie in East Coast  who says snow is worst than the sun.

Life has been pretty awesome and paradoxically I am being a nerd. God knows why ? I cry for nothing. I am angry . I am stressed. Inside , I am wanting to run away from everyone. I am craving for REAL PEOPLE who tell me what they feel inside and not what they are supposed to be saying. Sometimes , you have 250 contacts on your phone list and 500 friends on Facebook yet nobody with whom you could actually talk…

On one of such days , only a Mobile Phone saves me from all the melodrama I am capable of creating. I am Insane. Hope you already know . Do you know we call 18th and mid 19th century A Romantic Age as writers those times were drunk in love , passionate about being alive which was my favorite times too. I might have been dropped in 21st Century by mistake.Just wondering what would our age be called by future generations – The Selfie Age / The App for Everything Age or The Twitter Age. Jokes Apart.

Our lives are so entangled amidst the Internet , Laptops and Android phone that we have turned a slave to them. Looking at the positive side of it , we have nothing to worry now. We need to buy clothes , we have Myntra at the best rates , We need books , we have Amazon , We need phone numbers , we have Justdial , We need Hotels , we have Trivago and the list is endless.

Airtel APP is one thing that saves so much of the trouble. How ? You just need to Shake it to Save it

1- Recharge any mobile number

Not one , not two , not three but any number you like. You don’t have to make excuses and land to recharge shop to top up your girlfriend’s phone. It’s just a click away. And Icing on the cake , you get surprises in return.

2- I want to Feature

It reminds you of the things that you often forget to do – recharge of pre paid number , data package etc etc.Push notifications with alerts such as low battery , low balance ,pack expiry , pack payment due . Life becomes so easy.

3- Get customized Deals

This feature was a dream come true. I do not need free SMS and STD / ISD calls , I just need local calls and lots of internet data, This App makes and serves you what you need.

Airtel App might save you too 🙂


Let me know you were here :)

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