You can Read People like One reads a Book

Eventually, People see who you are inside. You can’t fool them for long. Sugar Coating everything you say can make others Diabetic of you.

What you are inside, shows up outside. Your face reflects your inner peace, solace of the soul, your deepest, darkest secrets. People often put themselves bare when they speak.

I wonder why they say – It’s not easy to read a person. I hear people aloud when they sit quietly alone in a Cafe and sip in the last drop of coffee. I see them bare when they pass on a dirty stare at a street beggar who touched their Armani.I listen to the chaos hidden beneath happy faces, I see clearly when people put others down and climb upon them.

Someone once told me, ” Actions speak louder than words “. I understood the lines much later in Life. How you make others feel about themselves says everything about You. The more you respect yourself, the more you adore everyone around you.The one who hates everyone today might have loved someone wildly.

You can Read People like One Read a Book. Here’s How;

1- When they say they love you, they may/ may not mean it but when they say they hate you, they really do.

2- Eyes are the windows to the soul. They never lie.

3- Trust the Vibes always.

4- If they are trying to insult you, they are scared of your subconsciously.

5- You can know a person completely if you know their favorite movies, favorite books, favorite songs, the favorite hang out places etc.

6- How one treats the animals, women, children and weak – Speaks a lot about them.

7- People who laugh a lot are hiding the pain that has become unbearable.

8- Talk to a person about the things that they are most passionate about and see for yourself how their eyes begin to shine and  they turn into a toddler once again.

9- The one who gossips with you – will GOSSIP of you.

10- When people stop talking to you, they start talking about you.

11- What they say when drunk, tired, hungry, sleepy and angry is True.100 % Raw Truth.

12- Slip of Tongue is not a slip of the tongue.

13- Listen to that little voice inside you that tells you to trust or not to trust them.

14- The Best time to talk to a person is after midnight – everyone finds it hard to hide emotions that time.

15- Ask them questions that would shock them and they would tell you the Truth.

People are always screaming who they are – in everything they do, the way they walk, talk, eat, drink, smile, cry and listen to you. They all yearn to be understood and accepted with all their flaws. I believe people all around the World are actually tired of wearing masks and It’s time everyone breaks free. It’s time people tell – I am Devastated when asked How are You and say I am thinking about committing suicide when asked what’s up.

Let us not be ashamed of showing to the World who we are deep inside and what we are feeling.


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