My own Fairytale

“Every girl pretends she is a Princess at one point, no matter how little her life is like that.” 

Deep inside we all believe in Fairy tales , we all wish that princes and princesses from fairy tales were as real as the dragons we are surrounded with. Secretly , we hope there’s a guardian angel sitting on our shoulders who would warn us of dangers and sprinkle magic when required.

And we believed all those stories when we were four. Things were perfect back those days , life was simple. I,for instance, had serious conversations with butterflies , stared for hours at the sky and counted stars for days. I had almost made my friends believe that there’s a dark forest near my house and birds talk to me. They need our colors and pens to paint their world.And one day , I told my mom that there’s a ghost of a little girl who talks to me in the school who had died on a school trip .

I have no idea why I made all those stories – may be to seek attention or story telling is just an innate trait.

  From attending birthday parties and  pricking the balloons , I just didn’t realize when did I grew up so much that my friends started getting married and having babies.Reality happened.

The Truth punched hard at my face that Life isn’t a fairytale. People are going to hurt you , curse you , abuse you , make you suffer and You could do nothing to them . I learned that being Good isn’t much acceptable in the wolfy world outside. They would say things they don’t mean and mean things they never said. Beauty  means different things to different people but Fairer Skin always gets you the seat. I learned that closest of friends would back stab you and strangers would turn best friends. 

Marriage is a Business Deal , women are sold and men are claimed by the highest bidder.  I realized that love actually had nothing to do with the prescribed societal rules and regulations of Marriage. Stop waiting for the Perfect Man , Prince with a shining Armour on his white horse might never come but there might be a shy boy waiting for you to smile at him. There always is one guy who fits in your life perfectly , who makes you believe in fairy tales once again and you are always a Princess when you sit beside him.

I know my Fairytale just came true when I look at Angel . Here instilled my faith in angels. Five years have happened and I still fall in love with him every time he smiles with those cute little dimples.  I am myself like I am with nobody else in the Universe when with him. When the clock strikes 6 in the evening and I hear the bells of Ice cream vendor , I scream AAI KEAM WALA AA GYA and he gets me my favorite ice cream . When I watch those Honey Singh songs and rap Yo Honey Singgaahhhh on repeat mode , he remains patient with my idiocy. In the middle of his favorite Alien Movies , I start humming Aam suck it aa lick it aa , lick it aa suck it aa leave it aa and he kisses me on the forehead , I know that no man could have handled the toddler in me like he does.

I say weirdest things in my dreams like – I want to watch the movie you are watching . The funny part was that he had been sleeping since hours.  In the middle of night , I ask him – Is that the Maid at the door .I have even inquired about my Sarso k khet ( Mustard Fields ) during one of those nights. Thanks to DDLJ  .

The way he adored me as I launched my First Book, the way he talks about me to his friends like I am one of his Trophies , he ‘s so proud to have. The endless cribbing , never-ending childhood stories, perfect mood swings , midnight tears , the weird I am – He has seen the worst of my worst .And he still loves me.
Life is pretty much a fairytale when you have someone who loves you despite all your terrors. 


16 thoughts on “My own Fairytale

  1. I adore you Nikita 🙂 You make me feel like getting married right now . A love that is so pure and so accepting is rare these days . Angel must be Perfect


  2. That was beautiful. It always feels wonderful seeing people living happily in their own little castles of the wonderland.
    May you be happy always!


  3. Beautiful, Nikita. Remember we shared our notes about our Angels? I am sooo sooo happy that your angel made your fairy tale come true. 🙂


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