Even the Best Marriages are Tough

Nobody has all the pieces together. Perfect Marriages do not exist.Couples do fall out of love within a few years .Things that attracted you once start annoying you. Love too fades with time.

Can we do something about it? Yes .We can.

It’s like a job. You gotta work every day to sustain it. Getting bored of the same workplace , same old files, and same old Boss is normal. Invent new ways to keep the fire alive.

Always and I repeat , Always tell your partner how much you love them. Saying , ” I love you ” would not create the miracle for you. Tell them why you do and see how things change.

Weekends do not mean TV . Go out , push your ass , date your partner . Get them flowers , surprise them , hold hands , kiss at public places.

The family issues that make you go to sleep angry , flush them outside of your relationship. Some things get better when we completely ignore them.

Visit the old places where you once dated. Lose yourself in the memories. Just because you are Married does not mean you should stop dating each other.

Communication is the most important ingredient of a Good Marriage. Talk about everything that happens with you inside or outside. Say exactly what you feel. Do not expect from your partner that he/she will understand on their own. Don’t ever.

Respect their opinions, understand that they were brought up differently , do not expect them to change. Take your partner as they are and if at all , something needs to be changed , do it with love.

His Friends and Her friends should not be a word in your dictionary. Everyone is our friend.

In fact, this applies to everything. Nothing should be his or mine but ours.

Take time out for each other every day to TALK about things that brought you both together.


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