Suckers of Life

Let them talk all they want behind your back, you know they’ll eventually shut up the moment they hear the sound of your footsteps.


All of us are surrounded by  people who suck the life out of you. They have pledged not to live and not let others live. Middle Finger to All Of You.

They HATE you immensely, so much that they can’t help but Think about you all day, talk about you to everyone they meet and sometimes they even dream about you. How pathetic lives they must be living.

I know a Woman who is the World’s Best *****. I have not seen / heard/ met anyone who does this job better than her. I always believed that the World is a Mirror. You see outside, what lies inside you. I am making myself clear by confessing that she hates all the World.

I don’t need you Woman and never will. 

You chose the Hell for yourself and don’t accept me to enter the Hell to help you out. I am God’s Favorite Child. I trust God that if he made us met, there must be a very strong reason. Maybe wanted you to see what your opposite looks like.

I am a loving, peaceful, happy, content and wise soul. Everything You’re Not.

You can make me Cry but you can’t destroy me. You hate that everyone loves me, adores me and most importantly RESPECTS ME.

I earned that for Myself.

All my Life, I have been lucky for the people around me. If you think I am not, my world does not change.

You do not matter to me.

 Go on and hate the Universe. Trust me, It hates you back.

Do not ever show me again that puppy face with the fake smile. Screw You.

I see the Devil inside you Clear. You look horrible inside.

I wish God forgives you for hurting his favorite child which he never did before.

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