N – Now or Never

It is said that we regret the things that we didn’t do rather than the things we did – missed chances, opportunities that we let pass by, and postponing the things that we really want to do. We always have an excuse ready, confident that we will get a chance to do what our heart desires later. But is this ‘later’ a guarantee?

No ,You can’t guarantee your next hour.Life is Unpredictable.It can turn around within moments. Time would never be Right to do the things you always wanted to do.Do them NOW 

A Lifetime isn’t Forever. You think you have all the life to do all the things but Wait , Has God signed the affidavit of your death at 80 ?

“There are no second chances in life, except to feel remorse.”
― Carlos Ruiz ZafónThe Shadow of the Wind  

Newspapers are flooded with deaths at 10 , 20,25 and 30 and you have your life planned for next fifty years.The only moment you live in is Now.Forever has no meaning , when you are living in the moment.Harsh Fact of Life.We all die one day.

Life is a War . No one leaves without Scars. Everyone gets their own share of Lemons. Nobody has a Perfect Life.It’s always Now or Never.

If we wait until we’re Ready , We’ll be waiting for the rest of our Lives. I was never ready for a Marriage but one day , I just said to myself , ” It’s Him or Nobody , It’s Now or Never” 

Life is a Journey , not a Destination.Most of us are forever running after things and people confusing them with the goal of Life. It doesn’t work that way. At the end , you remember moments not days. If you care to notice , every moment of your Life has a Purpose no matter how hopeless it might appear to you. In God’s master plan , everything is important .

Life throws opportunities at us and we let them go for trivialities of Life. Don’t ! There might never be a second chance again.

Here are the three things that I have been putting off for the future and would do right now if given a chance.

1- I had always fantasized the Hostel Life , the maggi point , warden’s trauma , tasteless food of mess , midnight coffee with friends , late night gatherings , chaiwala’s outside your hostel. If I get a chance I would enroll myself right now in a College that does not allows students to visit home often.  I feel hostlers have a different way to look at Life.They cherish families and friends a little more than we do, They have experienced things on their own.They are better equipped with handling lives, I feel.

2- Taking my parents out on a foreign trip. I believe most of us have this as No.1 on Bucket List. There is nothing you can do on Earth to pay back what your parents did for you. And the most amazing part is all they want is to see you Happy. To make your parents smile with all their heart , to rescue them from daily , mundane , hectic and terrific life for a few days into the bliss of nature is one thing I would do right now.

3-  Start Writing a Novel .I know I am going to be an International Author before I die. I know I have got everything it needs . What is missing is Time. Ample time to jot down my life , moment after moment on a sheet of paper. If someone came and told me , You have no business in world but to sit and Write, I would grab the opportunity with both my hands.

The list is endless.But stopping here.

Wriiten for http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/


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