You know there’s no stopping you when you have a woman in your life who always encourages you to be Yourself, who sacrifices her dreams to color your life, who makes sure you taste the Best of Life forever. For me – It is my Mum.

 There were times in my life when I didn’t want to be ANYONE. I was scared of approaching people, making new friends and being bluntly outspoken on what I believed to be Wrong. It was Maa who silently heard my havoc. It has Maa who wiped my tears and narrated me her own experiences and how she fought with Nanu to have what she wanted. 

Maa knew I could not be tamed. She knew that Marriage was not my Destination. I had my own dreams and she understood them, Maybe , like nobody else .She was with me when I topped my Boards , when I could not crack the Entrance Test , when I lost admissions for a single mark, when I cleared my first Group Interview , when I got my first salary, when I fell in love, when I decided to be a Writer, when I fought dad to marry Angel, when everyone else stood against me – she was the one holding hands.

She has always encouraged me to do what my heart says, I accept, she had her own fears and doubts but she never let her darkness scare me. She has always been my Best Friend, I cannot think of a day without her and need her for little things I do. The little battles of my life and the hardest ones, I would have lost without her.

She became my Warrior King when I felt weak on knees. She has been my Saviour throughout my life. All I need on a rough day is a word from her. The one who loves me with all my flaws. They mean it when the say – A mother can take the place of anyone in your life but  nobody can take a place of  a Mother. She is my Lifeline.

She was the one who made me realize that we never lose in life, we only learn a new lesson. Every failure paves a way towards success. She taught me how to accept life as it is. She assured me that God is always on our sides. Whatever he does turns out to be good for us. I have seen her living for her family. She is my Inspiration.She is my Saviour.


2 thoughts on “Maa

  1. Hey Enchantress.. Poonam this side. I am feeling immensely happy after reading your love for your mom.. I too love my mother a lot. Just like you, I, also used my blog as the platform for speaking out my heart and feelings for my mom. Keep on writing and inspiring us Enchantress 🙂 Good Luck..


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