L – Less Drama

Tears rolling down her cheeks and words that stuck me like a horrible and monotonous jig jag that actually meant nothing , nothing at all.Drama Queen is a person who reacts to daily, everyday events with excessive emotions and behaves in theatrical,attention gathering ways.This type calls you for Lunch to narrate a two hour story on how he/she had a fight with partner ,colleague or cousin and convinces you that he /she is over.This particular incident is going to make him extinct and how badly they need our support.There are some people who thrive on Drama

Listening to them can be draining and disturbing. If you live with a drama queen, you may be bombarded daily with accusations and showy attempts to apologize, leaving you feeling angry, guilty and exhausted. Some drama queens are violent toward others, cut themselves or threaten suicide. The extreme behavior can lead to depression or anxiety in family members and colleagues.

Reasons for such kind of behavior could vary – neglected by parents during childhood, bullied by friends and colleagues or may be just that their minds work in altogether different ways.It is advised never to mess with them or you shall be dragged into Drama World never to escape.
You can not easily recognize a high drama person without noticing the signs ;
• The person has the capacity to make the smallest issues into a major event.• The person usually dominates every conversation..• They seem to always be on stage or putting on a performance.• They find it easier to see the negative than the positive.• They have a way of speaking to people that creates tension.

You begin to notice the woman in line at the coffee shop who doesn’t get the right coffee and proceeds to get so loud that the entire shop notices, or the man at the convenience store who is rude and obnoxious to the clerk  or the mother-in-law that blows everything out of proportion so that she has some adventure in her life, even if the entire family is miserable. The list goes on and on

People addicted to drama are seeking that rush of adrenaline, or the thrill that the rush of energy brings them. For people that lead a very uninteresting or monotonous life, that rush of adrenaline helps them feel alive.They need Attention and when you ignore their drama , they are half dead.They make you feel how miserable Life is for everyone.They will narrate you stories of hundreds of men and women they know who are leading an unhappy life.Blaming God for everything is an easy escape from being responsible for making things better.Their explosive emotional can leave anyone speechless.
When someone is continually sucking you into their life drama, how can you stay apart from it and still be there for them? Can We?
I think We can

                                                    Stay off the Stage

The Drama queens and kings like to involve everyone in their performance.Do not be a part of the stage.Watch from the balcony and leave when it starts entering you. Think of what are they trying to convey through it ? Can you be of any help to them

Remember It’s not your show
You might feel bad and ask yourself why are they doing this to themselves.They are not creating pain for themselves, difficult to admit but they ENJOY it. There is a certain kind of pleasure derived from pain too, never felt?

                                                Bring down the Curtains

If you have not yet maintained certain boundaries with the person, Do it now. They are not allowed to enter inside your peaceful life without your permission.They should well know the lines they are never supposed to cross.

                                                      Protect yourself

You gotta protect yourself from each interaction.Let them know what you will not tolerate ever.They are clever souls and one day they shall end up convincing you that You are leading a miserable life like theirs.Know when to move out of the Conversation.


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