Knowing the Demons within

“Okay Mum, I’ll talk to him and get back to you as soon as possible, ” said Shreya hesitatingly. She knew Harsh always gets a little anxious when Shreya puts forward the desire to meet her relatives.

Shreya and Harsh had a Love Marriage after opposition from both families. Despite being married for two years, the families are still not at peace. Harsh’s mother hates her son to visit the girl’s family. There is a story behind it that is deep inside her own painful past.

Harsh stays quiet.

Shreya asks again. With raising the pitch of her voice a little, she said, ” Say Yes, Say No or Say I don’t know. At least, say something “

Harsh chooses silence. After few minutes says, ” I want to sleep right now. We will talk later”

Shreya went numb. Every time she did something for HIS family came rushing through her mind.She starts talking to herself as Harsh prepares his bed. ” I was always, always there for his family even when it was just a birthday. I skipped my cousin’s wedding as his uncle was hospitalized.I made stupid excuses for not being there with my family for His family.”

And suddenly she stops her Inner Voice from saying anything further. ” Where did His and Mine come from? Didn’t I told you everything is OURS ” she rectified the errors made by her mind.

 Shreya’s inner voice that manipulated things that could have worked against their marriage was nothing but the Demon Within.

Sometimes, we find it hard to decide whether or not to listen to the voices inside our head. As they say that Demons don’t come dressed as Evil but as Charming Princes on white horses who say all the right things.

Our Minds are the most Incredible things ever created. It works so systematically that If you learn all the tricks – there is zero chances of making errors. Just like Computers, once the software is installed, calculations can’t go wrong .Provided Inputs are Right.

A mind is a Perfect Machine. It listens to every thought of yours. If you tell yourself – You are good for nothing once.It would keep repeating these things in your ears till you start believing it. Yes, It can be very Dangerous.

Know your own Demons.

Look carefully at the deepest darkest parts of your soul with the light of love and find the Evil inside.

My Demons, just for instance are;

1- When I see people laughing, I secretly believe they are laughing at me.

2- If you stop me from doing anything, I will hate you all my Life.

3- I won’t tolerate disrespect for my Family from anyone. It raises hell inside me.

4- It makes me happier that people are Jealous of me. I fuel their feelings towards me,

5- All the World can’t make me do anything that I do not want to do myself.

6- I avoid People. They drain me out. I do not talk much. I believe not everyone deserves your words.

7- I do not look back. Ever.

8- I easily get disconnected from inside with people. I stop feeling their pain anymore.

9- Deep inside, I am very very Selfish. Everything I do is to make myself Happier.

10- I hate being told I am not good. I can’t handle Criticism.

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