J for Justice A to Z Challenge

Do Hell with the Religion that makes you a Monster and empowers you to kill Innocent Lives Insanity has crossed its own limits.

Neither Allah  nor Rama, neither Jesus nor Guru Nanak ever preached cruel killing. They were the ones who were the living example of Undying Love and Compassion for all the humanity. They taught us that God is Everywhere.

 Every Religion says that there could be different ways to reach One God. When God is One, why are his followers divided?How can we claim to be God-loving souls when we stop another from worshipping his own way.

You could be doing anything on Earth and your soul could still be on knees. Prayer can happen anywhere. You don’t need  Priest to convey your message to God. Open yourself to the Universe and God will be your closest friend,

We need Justice for the killings in Bangladesh of Avijit Roy and Washiqur Rehman who exercised their Freedom of Speech through their Blogs.

The World is rotting day by day. The End is Near, We shall all be Doomed. The sins we do are Unforgivable.

Written for A to Z Challenge


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