Giving Away A to Z Challenge

The more you give away, the more you have

I have always believed in the power of Giving. Every kind act matters. Sometimes, even a smile you gave to a stranger makes a real difference in his life. Maybe you are the only one who smiled at them that day.Giving your time to loved ones is another way of illuminating and strengthening the relationships.
I see people posting pictures with homeless hungry children who they fed for a day. They talk about it like they just saved our Earth from alien attacks. Give me a Break. This does not count in Giving. If you’re doing something for your Facebook Wall – That makes no difference to the WORLD.
Spend a weekend at an old age home with the most genuine souls, talk to them, hold their hands like you mean it and hear what they have to tell you – I assure you this would be the best weekend you had in ages.
Pick up the phone and call a friend who has been going through a bad phase and makes them laugh till  stomach aches. That counts in Giving.
Your maid’s daughter has been relishing the delicious food you prepared for the family. That is what matters.
Give out love as much as you can  
Make peace with everyone . forgive people. Appreciate the little things people do for you every day of their lives.
Take a pledge that you’ll make at least one person happy each day and you are on the mission of leaving this world a little better than it was.
It starts with You.
You hear people saying, ” Nobody helped the poor guy who was bleeding on the highway ” Why don’t you become Nobody. Why do we wait for someone else to do the Right Thing? What makes us so afraid of giving a helping hand to someone. Where is the World heading?
When you see someone struggling in their lives, be it a career or a relationship. Tell them – You can do it. Tell them you are stronger than you know. Tell them everything they need to hear.
When your friends get ahead of you, Tell them – I always knew you were born to Rule. Encourage them Uplift them.
I see people who have a cheap terminology, the ones who sweep the floor and wash your clothes are SMALL PEOPLE. Could anyone explain where does this sick mentality come from. Are they smaller for their deeds, for the money they make, the clothes they wear and the way they talk? Buckle Up, The only ones SMALL are the ones who think like that.
Money never makes anyone BIG, It’s the Goodwill people make that places them at a higher place.
All our lives, we have been forced to believe in certain things and think in a specific way that is DANGEROUS FOR THE SOCIETY.
I want you to keep your eyes, mind, ears and hearts open and make your own Beliefs. Do not trust things just because everyone believes in it. Take your own Path. Carve your own Destiny and as You start getting bigger, start giving away more.
Written for A to Z Challenge

6 thoughts on “Giving Away A to Z Challenge

  1. beautifully said. It's the big hearts and acts that makes a person Big. We need to change our attitude, our thinking … this small people big people mentality is sick.


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