E is for Everlasting Words

How blissful is the very thought that your words would stay even after you die.Reminds me of my favorite Bollywood Hindi Song – Ik di mit jayega maati k bol , jag me reh jayenge pyare tere bol
( Your worth is nothing more than mud once dead, only thing that lives forever is your WORDS)

To be a Writer is a recluse , the visa to travel beyond the Earth.

When you leave the world, you leave it a bit better with the thoughts you shared with the world. Writers are solitude seekers. There isn’t anyone they like to spend time with than themselves but they love to travel, to observe people, to hear what people speak aloud in their minds. That is what we do we write what people normally do not let the world know. We get inside souls and lift the heaviest thing on Earth – hearts.

Written forΒ A to Z Challenge


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