D for Dil ki Deal A to Z Challenge

” To Live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist that is All “

“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what w give”

There is a tremendous happiness in making another happy. The joy of giving is beyond all the bliss. It’ as simple as the Law of Gravity – You get what you give.Keep on giving out Good to this world and it shall  come back ten fold. Traveling back in my life ,I see myself as the 7-year-old, shy, solitary ,a bit scared but always smiling little girl singing the song – ” I believe in Angels, something in good in everything I see ….I have a Dream, a song to sing, to help me cope with anything ” I didn’t understand the meaning but I loved the song.

Today, I know how precious those school songs were and even if nobody taught us the significance of that word , I have learned. Angels are for Real.

How do you identify an Angel?

No, they won’t be flying

Their wings won’t be visible either

Magic Wand! No way

You’ll feel the Magic surrounding you when they are near. Your heart would beat a little faster and your smiles would be a bit wider. They would talk in a manner that would lift your souls. Angels are fearless too. They would love you like nobody else could…

I have seen Angels closely. I am living with one.

Vivek, an 8-year-old boy so filled with Life that you feel renewed the moment he passes by you. a Favorite of everyone. He has this kind of most beautiful smile that fills your heart with love.I was his Class Teacher and he quite liked me. We went for the Morning Assembly holding hands.You can Imagine now.This little cute thing was Loveliest of all. One day, I caught him beating another kid during lunch hours. I made him stay back and asked him what was the matter. A child that behaves weirdly in school has some personal issues back at home. He denied and kept on saying with a notorious smile that nothing was wrong. I kept asking.A hundred times.

One of the subject teachers insulted him in front of all his friends and said, ” there to maa baap hai nahi..jinke hain unhe to mat biaagd ” ( You are an orphan.spare the ones who have parents .Do not spoil them ) I felt nothing less than Shattered. A child who is just a few years old and is already going through so much in Life. His father deserted him as he had a fatal heart disease.SOS sheltered and took care of the Angel in every way possible. This Child is traumatizing inside and for God sake, nobody has the Right to blame him for what happened to him.I feel so in love with this Guy that I cried, cried like anything when I had to resign from this job. His tears were made of raw diamonds, priceless.May be we provide homeless everything but not Love. He is my Crisis Angel. He saved me from becoming ” One of the Those” I shall forever be Grateful towards God for sending his favorite angel into my Life.He taught me the Greatest Lesson of my Life.

Nothing can break you down unless you decide it Yourself.

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal an A to Z Challenge


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