A is for Acceptance #AtoZChallenge

Life isn’t that complicated if you follow the simple rule of Acceptance. The world is owned by Nobody . You can’t decide how others feel about you . People will love you , hate you , nurture you and destroy you and in the end it’s not between them and you but God and You. He watches over you every second of your Life .

No matter how hard you try , You can’t change the people. Stop Trying.

Rather Accept them as they are.

Life is a Gift . There’s no stopping if you welcome everything that comes in lifeย  kindheartedly. It’s an art of sages and saints. They are neutral towards profit and loss , happiness and grief , pain and pleasure.

Aim to attain that Peace in Life.


5 thoughts on “A is for Acceptance #AtoZChallenge

  1. Just had to comment here, since my A post for the A to Z challenge was also A is for Acceptance. It's what I have been writing about all month, and learning more and more to practice what I preach!

    Visiting from clearingspace4joy.wordpress.com


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