Life is Rough

Is it only Me or Anyone Else out there too who feels that 2015 hasn’t started well and the struggles, pains and tests seem to be Never -Ending

Wherever I turn around, there is a Misery. Nobody seems to be Content.People die at a tender age.Being Tensed is in Vogue. If you aren’t tensed about something, you ain’t normal. One thing isn’t Over and Life throws another stock of problems at You.

Life is Rough. All of us wish to go back, slow down and just stop and look at life. In a moment’s notice, your closest ones are gone.Anything can happen to Anybody Anytime.

Treasure people around You..Take out Time to meet your friends and relatives. Your work is not what You’d think of on your deathbed. You weren’t born to pay bills.Slow Down. Meditate.Express Gratitude.It’s a Blessing to be ALIVE.

Not Everyone gets Old. It’s a privilege denied to many.

Love Everyone Around You.

There’s Nothing about them that would hurt you once they are Gone. Treasure them already.

And Trust me, I have always hated the idea of Growing Up – I knew It was a Trouble.

You start losing your closest people, friends turn into enemies, expectations rise up and You can’t afford to make Mistakes.

It gets Worst.

One Dream comes True and another Shatters like a Glass.

I should be Happy – My Bucket List is Done. I am getting Published in 4 Books. It’s not very far from laying my hands at Novel Writing. Everything is Great but I am not really Happy.

There has been something or the other Forcing me to Worry all the Time.

We are living in an Era where 20-year-old suffer from High Blood Pressure, People get heart attacks like a head ache and they DIE. Forget Teenagers, we have 9-year-old dealing with Depression for what so ever reasons. I did not know how to spell Depression when I was 9. Relationships are Hollow.They break into pieces with slightest of misunderstandings.

There are people wanting to get married and those married are wanting to get Divorced.What are we giving to the Future Generations? Ask Yourself.

People don’t talk to you but they talk about You.

Nobody actually wants to see you GROW. Friends block you on Social Networks because they don’t want to  see you, Happy . Everyone pretends to be Happy for you, only a handful actually ARE.

Anything that is REAL AND ORIGINAL attracts the hell out of me in this completely FAKE WORLD.

P.S – I am Tired Life. Stop Surprising me with more and more Troubles. I need REST.


Let me know you were here :)

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