Foodies who hate Cooking

Raise hands If you don’t love Food ! 

Anyone ?

A good life is all about mouth watering food , travelling around the world and befriending souls of same tribe. I , actually me and hubby are great foodies and my man’s mom is one of the most wonderful cooks on Earth . Twist in the story is I hate Cooking.
I have tried cake 3 times in Life and never succeeded. Aisa nahi hai ki I am bad at cooking either. Despite literally hating the job , I am pretty good at it. Alright , nobody ever visited Hospital after eating my food.
My mum was always worried about my after- marriage life as I hardly knew how to boil eggs. I have learnt pretty much everything within a year of my marriage and still trying my hands.
I used to make rotis of all shapes and still find it hard to memorize names of pulses – I call them green daal , yellow daal and black daal.
Hubby loves to Eat,..and Wify hates to Cook
Weird Situation
Gupta ji came into my life like a guardian angel with magical recipes which were not only easy to cook but delicious to gorge. Yummlicious Gupta ji can be found here
Not only great , mouth watering dishes but cutest names like Jagah banane wala nashta , first crush wala nashta , happy tiffin wala nashta and movie wala nashta.
And the common ingredient for all Nashtas is CORNFLAKES.
More than 100 years ago, W.K. Kellogg saw the promise in a single grain. Standing true to this promise, Kellogg brings you ‘Anaaj ka Nashta’ made from the choicest Indian wheat, corn and rice for a breakfast that is as Indian as you are. He saved lives of many like me.

Gupta ji has his life figured out and his wife is the smartest cook in the world with recipes for all occasions. She never stops experimenting with things and has renewed the world of breakfast , indian breakfast like never before. Get over those butter toasts and orange juices , aloo paranthe and curd , plain milk and corn flakes when you have all the world beneath your feet. All you need to do is follow Gupta ji and his magical recipes.

Most of the dishes take less than ten minutes and are healthy for the body. They make tummy happy and mummy happy. What a Bliss !

Having kids who do not eat until the food is attractive and colorful to eyes would be a big Task. Get over the traditional breakfasts and surprise your kids every morning with some new mouth watering dishes and let them boast of you through their tiffin boxes.

Time to Transform with Kelloggs and sprinkle a lot of magic into the breakfast 


Let me know you were here :)

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