Friends For Life

It is often those midnight conversations about sale online at Myntra that end up on most crucial issues the world is facing today. On those rainy days , when heavens come in small sizes filled with tea sitting  by side of your favorite people on Earth. Or a night before the final exam , being with there for each other through the tough times – Life comes down to 7-word combination called – FRIENDS

Friends are the family we chose for ourselves.

School Days

I have been enormously lucky to have found some craziest people in the Universe as Friends. My school gang – Rohit (ghonchu ) , Lata ( ladoo ) , Sonek (heebe) ,Priyanka ( Pintu)  Jijo ( fattu) and Sathya . The bond is 20 years old and Memories are endless. We can be as stupid and as ugly as we were at 6 and it feels just okay. We know those deep dark secrets of each other buried long ago. We had bunked our first class together , teased each other by embarrassing names , laughed at each other when the teacher scolded , threw chalks , played cricket , ate lunch secretly , satmola and hajmola , games period , zero period , annual day , sports day, parent-teacher meetings , birthdays with the samosa. Gosh ! We have lived one hell of a Life together.

And our stomachs ache badly when we get together and think about school days. Friends that stay with you through all stages of your life are your TRUE FRIENDS. We were together when we had our first teenage crush and we are still together when most of us are married and some have become parents.

College Days

Finally, we were Free . No Uniform , No Timetable , No PTMs but sooner we did realized that we had lost something HUGE . I missed my school life immensely those days. I wasn’t much friendly with my classmates either – Gloomy Days. I was slowly getting inside my own shell , I started believing I ain’t good enough . Then , I met Neeti , Aditya , Swati, and Rachna. We made sure we went out of college every damn day. 3Cs used to be our added for long conversations. Aditya was the guy and us girls were from English Literature. Shopping , Gossips , Relationships and discovering Delhi inch by inch had been my College.

Francaise Days

These people are my LIFE. I undoubtedly had the best days of my life with them. We learned French together and the gang is nothing less than a Missile. We have Suraj , Varun , Geetika , Sonakshi , Nancy, and Vikram. From cafe de latte in cafeteria to masala chai in Lodhi Garden , from Boombox cafe in Khan Market to chuski at India Gate , we had tasted the best of life together. Endless chit chats at Jor Bagh Metro Station and Gyan ki batein at Lodhi Garden – Those days were THE BEST and indeed they are my Best friends.

There are still many more … Mansi , Ruchi , Richa , Monika , Sonali , Isha , Gunjan , Manisha , Shalini , Aastha , Jyoti who hold a piece of my heart and gave me most beautiful relationships of my Life. All I want to say is I am Grateful , Blessed, and Content with my Beautiful Life.



Let me know you were here :)

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