Start a New Life

Our love story had started long before Saurabh and I had actually met.
As a matter of fact ,most of the stories start that way. All heartbreaks, dark nights, lonely days lead you towards the grand scheme of things. May be we all need to see how worst things can get in order to appreciate the BEST.

So, that’s why I need to start the story with a little background.

When I was a 20 year old searching for true love, I met all the wrong people who said all the right things. Those were the days when I had completely lost faith in love and marriage. I was utterly alone ,fearful and fretful of letting anyone come close enough to hurt me.

That was the place I was in , when I first met Saurabh. Truth be told , I was already half in love with this guy, having heard so much about his Idealism and Honesty in relationships. If I had not thought about seeing my friend that day , Saurabh and I would have never met. My Life would have been drastically different. I wonder , how the smallest decisions and silliest mistakes can completely alter the plots of our lives.

I’d be telling lies if I said there were angels singing or flowers blooming when I first saw him but there was an instant attraction. Sounds weird , but I knew he was the One. Miraculously ,he knew I would contact him and I did. And then ,there was no stopping. We were head over heels in love with each other. We had a common friend who was gasped to know that we were together within few months of our first meeting.

He was everything that I always wanted from Life. He was the answer to my prayers. My very own Angel. Everything was going great between us until he got the Visa for U.S.A. In my heart , I knew It was his time of Life. His dreams had finally started materializing but I wasn’t sure if this relationship would last. I was shaking , I couldn’t explain it , but I felt like I ‘d die without him.

Β My heart sank with the thought of losing him. He re-assured that he never loved anyone the way he loves me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me .Even though I expected this Proposal , I was still in some sort of shock. Obviously , I said Yes and they usually end the fairytales with ” Happily Ever After”

But the truth is things just got tougher. Living 8500 miles apart from each other did not harm us but the rejection from our parents for our union had almost tore us apart. There were times when we did not spoke to each other for months. But when it’s True Love , you always bounce back. Struggles only mean your love is growing stronger. Married for a year and a half , nothing has changed much , only that we love each other better now.

Sticking to my decision of getting married ONLY to him even if it meant losing my family forever was my bold step in life and this marked the beginning of new life to me


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