Do we need a Day to celebrate WOMEN ?

I do not believe in the theory that goes – Men and Women were created equal.Neither do I say that women are the weaker sex. We are the stronger ones who have been forced to believe we are weak since a thousand decades. I swear to the fact that most of us do understand deep inside that we are not weak.

 It’s just that some of us might have lost our voices.

Anything and Everything that a woman does in her Life depict Strength, be it carrying a baby for nine months in a womb, leaving one’s biological parents, beautifully handling personal and professional lives and being what she always wanted to be, despite the expectations of the Society that secretly wishes to abandon her.

It’s not easy being a Woman.

We are very complicated beings and we should not tell men lies that we are actually simple.we aren’t. We are born this way. We get jealous because we are capable of loving unconditionally. We compete with women around us because we were told since childhood that looking prettier would make all things fall in place. We were told that Marriage should be the highest goal of our lives and we will need to compromise as we are weaker sex

I believed all of this shit for twenty-something years of my life ..Until I experienced for myself that men are weak

Here is why I firmly believe we are the Stronger ones:


Don’t believe me – Ask a Man who lost his mother when he was 5. Take a walk with someone who is a bachelor at 50 and has made himself a brand. A few miles and you will see enormous parts of him that can never be filled. A grown up who never had a sister or a Man who lost his love in an accident. We don’t understand the pain of another person until and unless we put ourselves in their place. Women simply make lives beautiful


 You instantly know if a guy is serious about you. Your gut feelings and instincts have been created sharper than Men. People always get caught when they tell lies even when you never did an ” Understanding Body Language” course at University. It’s inborn in us.We conversate more with vibrations around us. And we are the best with words too.


When you want something, by all means – You’ll have it. This is Woman Power. You know that there’s no Stopping you. It is most of the times, the kind of faith you have in your Man /Son / Father that makes him Become what you think he is capable of becoming. Just Imagine, What is on Earth that you can not achieve If you decide to have it.


There would be no Life on Earth without You. The immense pain and pleasure of being a Mother were solely gifted to you by Almighty as he knew you were Capable of it. He knew that men might not always be willing to give unconditional love. Bringing a Life into this World is solely your Domain and the love of a child is the most rewarding Job you can have.

Do we need a day to celebrate WOMEN who are a Celebration in themselves ? 

Love , Respect , Adore , Pamper and Spoil your Girls out there  because they quietly change your lives forever , because all they ask for is love , because they shall never give up on you , because they understand You.


Let me know you were here :)

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