Karma watches over You !!

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It was September last year , Rahul and Saloni broke up their 5 year long relationship Nothing seemed to be right. There was actually no valid reason for a sudden massacre. Couples do fight over trivial issues and Guys do get possessive about their girls but that doesn’t lead to a complete closure. Many Love Stories quietly end.

.Despite of the fact that I met Rahul through Saloni. What is Madness in love , what is undying faith in your soul mate and what is unconditional giving is what Rahul is made of. I would be lying if I say I have seen such lovers .He is one in a Million. At times. I wanted to run away from him .He was madly in love with Saloni even when he knew she does not needs him anymore.
Nothing could be more painful than a heartbreak. I , myself am not capable of loving someone when I know it’s not returned. It takes courage of a Lion to be that kind of Brave Soul. He had been Depressed for over a year now. He has been asking for Forgiveness for doing no wrong. He loved her deeply. Saloni too loved him. They both were in Love but What happened to the beautiful couple one fine day ?

Saloni , like other girls wanted to be Independent.Rahul did not liked her doing things that made him insecure. Situations seemed more than perfect for the playboy , Arjun. He was a common friend and was in a happy relationship .Nobody could doubt on his intentions. Saloni and Arjun had started liking each other , both being somehow unhappy in their current relationships. Nobody knew about the relationship that was slowly growing stronger ans stronger between them. They had decided to never reveal in front of anybody that they were a Couple now. Rahul was losing interest in everything. He did not wanted to live without Saloni but She was in love with someone else now. As they say Love is Blind , she could not see the lies Arjun kept on telling her all the time and was wooed by his Words.

Arjun showed his true colors and threw Saloni out of his life like a trash. He boasted about fooling her . We were left shocked and immediately assumed that It was Saloni who was at fault. She was sailing in two boats at the same time and It was time for her to drown. We did not felt sympathy for her. Little did we realize that she was dying inside. She was not only betrayed by someone she loved but she had also lost Rahul and the trust of her friends. She had no courage to face us and slowly moved away from us. On the other hand , Arjun had lost someone who truly loved him and his friends forever.

. I was filled with Optimism that Life is utterly Fair and everyone receives their fruit of Karma.


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