20 Reasons to Love your Messed Up Life

Let’s begin with something We all need to hear – People are always, ALWAYS more messed up than they’d ever show

The number One reason we get heart broken and shattered so often in our lives is because we believe Everyone else has such a Wonderful life . People love to pretend they are Happy rather than actually making efforts to stay happy. The dichotomy of Life is we are all a little screwed up.

And it’s perfectly alright to have no Utopian Standards.

Reasons to love your Life exactly the way It is :

1- Everything you don’t like about Yourself/ your Life can be changed

2- You deserved Everything you wish for.

3- There is a certain someone who thinks about you every day before going to bed.

4- God gives you what you needs not what you want.

5- Everything comes to you when you’re ready for it.

6- Some of the best moments of your Life haven’t happened yet.

7- Haters are Universal.

8- People hate you because they wish they could be like You.

9- No matter how bad things are going on in your Life , just remember they could have been worst.

10- You are Blessed more than what you deserved.

11- A series of bad days is a sign that something extremely beautiful is going to arrive soon.

12- God loves you .

13- Ask your mother how beautiful you are.

14- Every lock has a key.

15- Things happen for a reason , a good reason.

16- The ones who judge you know nothing about you.

17- A good deed is never wasted, Keep helping , giving and encouraging .Take my words, it comes back ten -fold.

18- The past is dead for a reason. Stop breathing life into it.

19- The difficult people in your life make you Stronger.

20- If nobody hates you for who you are and what you do then you are doing it Wrong.

Everything is good the way it is, Trust me , You’d say after 10 years – Those were the Glorious days of my Life and things that you worry about today will have absolutely no impact on your Life ahead .

Worry is a waste of Time and Regret is the worst of all.

Time is Precious. All of us have a limited time here on Earth. Make every second count. Live life Queen size 😀


Let me know you were here :)

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