Bed Time Rituals

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I hardly do remember how my Mom made me sleep. I had been very fond of fairy tales. My love for stories kept me awake. She used to sing for me too. My cousins often tease me for that. I used to catch hold of someone or the other any time of the day and ask them to tell me a Story. Blessings of a Joint Family.

 That’s pretty scary, People had to make stories if they didn’t remember any. I was the spoilt child in my extended family, I had somewhere close to 8 cousins who happen to be my first friends. I started feeling left out when my siblings came into this World. 

My mom used to sleep between my younger brother and my younger sister, patting their backs, caressing their hairs and telling them stories. What I did as a child – I made myself sleep by patting my own back which was kind of very cute.

 And if we get a generation back, my grandma had a tough time making these six notorious children go to bed without fights. Ah, Did  I mention? We, as siblings had a ritual to fight and go to bed for the whatsoever reason  I ain’t into Motherhood but I would love to be a Mom soon. My bedtime rituals would include saying – Thank you God for the Beautiful Day before they hit the bed

.As per my analysis of husband-wife relationship, I can conclude that my husband would be the one taking care of my child’s academics, homework, assignments, and exams. He told me once that children giving Boards should not watch TV and I would rather get the cable disconnected. Apparently, I am someone who worries less about marks and more about well-being. I would love to let my children watch the stars above their heads on nights and let them wonder about the World above them.

 I would love to have a beautiful dinner together as a family, no matter how old they grow up. I would be more of a friend to my child. As they hit puberty, I had asked them to start penning down thoughts in a diary before they sleep. I often think about making my grandchildren read my blogs. Although I have all my Life planned in the head till I turn 60, I am equally open for any changes God makes. I would have nothing to regret if I die this very moment too.

 I believe Life should be lived happily  Spending time with your Child is all that matters at the end. Growing Years are when your child needs you, once he turns an adult, It would be reversed. I have also heard that Childhood Experiences shape your future. What a child hears from his parents becomes his/her inner voice, the guiding light that helps him take decisions all his Life. Make sure you read them Best Stories before they hit the Bed. 



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