What if – You were your own God

This Post is written for Happy Hour Contest sponsored by IDBI Federal Life Insurance at Indiblogger

Bloggers have to write down 5 things that they would do if they had a life without any Constraints if nothing holds them back.

Pretty Good as being your own God 🙂

How wonderful is the very thought of having a life trouble proof , having nothing to worry about and the World that dances at your fingertips. Hurrayyyyy !

1- If I were really ridiculously wealthy , I wouldn’t buy a Mansion ,just an AApartmentin every city I love. This quote had been penned by someone who belonged to the sam soul tribe as mine. We cherish the unravelled roads , seas , mountains , trees , places that call us in our dreams. We live to TRAVEL.If I had no constraints in Life , I had traveled all my Life to remotest corners of the world and visit as many places as I could in one Lifetime.

2-  I would call people from Renaissance and Victorian , Ethiopia and Dark Ages  and pour my heart out to them.I would tell them I am born out of time and I do not belong here. I would live in different realms of time as per my whims and fancies. I would travel in time and space.A life that is infinite and constraint-free.

3-  I would build a Mansion on the Moon and look down upon you people and scream – Bown Down to the Queen. Lol. Hell , I have hopelessly Huge  Dreams. I have always been fascinated with the night , dark sky , stars and the moon. Maybe , I am more of Myself when it’s dark outside and everything else comes to a halt. I ‘d love to have a Mansion on the Moon.

4- If I could I would create a personal Genie for all my loved ones so that they could have everything they want from Life. How would Cute be that ? Aladdin and Genie only mean that You can have anything if you really want to have it. Your thoughts create your Destiny in simplest words.Not all of my friends and family believe in Thought Power so I had placed a guardian angel for all .

5- If I had all the powers in the World , I would like to completely Delete some losers from the Universe. I ain’t much of a Hater but when I hate , I give it my Best.There is a list of people who did me Bad and I preferred simply pressing Forgive and Ignore button as I never had the DELETE option. Yes , I could have cut them off from my Life but that would not be a Mature Decision.This Society has taught us to BEAR and TOLERATE but I was born as a REBEL and a RULE – BREAKER.

P.S – I just declined to be downstairs to see my friends as I had to WRITE.

Stay Befikar

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