#Unconditional Love with Asus Zenfone

   The following Post has been written for Indiblogger Happy Hours for promoting Asus Zenfone.
” Valentine’s Day ” ( High Expectations Day ) is  Finally Over. Mr.Zuckerberg had been facing real troubles as Face book seemed to be over-flooded with couples posting pictures on their partner’s wall and expressing their love to the World. I wish people had half the awesome life as they pretended it on social networks. What I am trying  SO HARD to say is we have been  mistaken about  Love all our lives !
The moments I held Asus Zenfone in my hands , I knew this is the one I had been looking for all my Life. I saw it and just knew that my life will change forever.
Isn’t it Amazing , How one phone can completely change how the World looks at You.
Here are my 5 reasons why Asus Zenfone could be the Unconditional Love of your Life
 It is a Great Looking Phone
Poo wants only three things from Men – Good Looks , Good Looks and Good Looks. Asus Zenfone has a great body , sleek , smart and huge. Owing to rapidly increasing phone lovers , this has been designed with huge screen that is compatible with long “staring at the phone” hours.
The Camera is Magical
We all dream about the guy who thinks we are the Most Beautiful Woman Alive In The World. Well , the good news is we don’t need to wait for the Man . I doubt if such men are made anymore but Asus Zenfone has this amazing Camera that screams on your social networks (Pixel Master Camera , an Exclusive New Technology from Asus ) that you are Beautiful. The 8 MP rear camera takes some great pictures .We can capture moments through long videos thankfully it comes with a micro SD Slot that is expandable to 64 GB.
It is Great during Nights
You , dirty-minded people – Get back on the track, What I meant was it takes clear pictures and videos day and night. The Light Sensitivity can be increased by 400 % and contrast boosted by 200 %.It initiates the Image Stabilization Technology to ensure shake free pictures during the Night.
Time Rewind Option
Asus has the amazing feature of Time Rewind which lets you not miss the most wonderful moments of your life. It does automatically start recording images 2 seconds before and one second after pressing the shutter button.
It captures the Best Selfies
Couple Selfies , Group Selfie , Pout Selfie or Duck Selfie – You name it and we have it. Asus has incredible Selfie Mode specially designed for our generation which asks you about the number of persons in the Selfie and clicks 2-3 pictures on itself to capture the best moment . 

And it has an exceptionally affordable price at  Rs 9999 available at Flipkart
Do you know a Phone that understands you better than Asus Zenfone ?


Let me know you were here :)

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