To Stay or Not to Stay

Sometimes people just want to be happy, even if it’s not real.
Veronica Roth, Insurgent

I am someone who always wants to be somewhere else. I often feel alienated , scattered ,dispersed,ignored and not understood. I can’t decide if or not to stay . Like a traveller always wanting to visit the unknown places , Like an Artist giving birth to his imaginations , Like a child wanting so bad to grow up – I always wanted to be at different places , different time zones , different people and different traditions. I get tired of people , I really do. They all seem to be of the same breed , made of same stuff ,doing the same things all their lives. Does not make sense , Does it ?

When I hear people talk about their daughter in laws like a commodity to be bought and sold , my soul aches. I have heard people say that physical relationships are like a football game , it doesn’t matter how often you change partners. There’s a list of 100 or more people who keep records of things like – ” She did not even asked for water ” . I have closely encountered  how brutal and cruel souls can turn overnight. I am ashamed of keeping those people in my Life who have abused my parents. There are the handful of people who genuinely care for me and love me for who I am.

Money is THE GOD for many .I have seen people who make sure they curse every single relationship of their lives. More broken than they’d ever let the world know.” Sadistic Pleasure” is a horrendous thing , I believe. To heal your broken soul by bleeding someone else’s isn’t Humane.

They’d call you names and scream to the world that you ain’t good for anything. Rogues will trust them like thy last word of God. There would be something inside deepest parts of your soul that threatens you to leave , not to stay and run for your life but your head will ask to STAY.

Don’t we all know what’s poisonous for our well being ? 

And maybe that is why I always want to be somewhere else ! I have been since years yearning for a place where people do not Judge you for who you are  , where you ain’t allotted a list that says – ” Do’s and Don’ts for being a Girl ” , where people actually mean what they say, where money is just a thing that helps you buy food,where nobody tells you what you SHOULD be doing , where there’s nothing to worry…..

P.S – I do not wish to STAY in any place for too long 

Let me know you were here :)

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