The Ones Who Love Us Never Leave Us

Love knows no reason , no boundaries , no distance.It has a sole intention of bringing two people together  to a time called Forever.

If it’s not mad , passionate and crazy , It’s not Love at all. There are many mediocre things in life , love shouldn’t be one of them.It is something that makes your body wave and heart yearn for ,it is something that heals your deepest scars and hurts you at places nobody else can see, It is a longing to be with someone when you should not be thinking about them , It is the magic spell that makes all things beautiful that what they were before you met your special someone. Love is nothing but Insanity.

Love is the willingness to cross the seas to steal a look of your lover , It is the courage to sacrifice everything for one person , It is unconditional and permanent. It is a complete lack of reason and logic. It is the inner voice that pushes you to be your Best. It is the Psalm .It is the Spell. It is the Hurricane and the Tsunami

My love knows no limits. It is great like an ocean , ferocious like a hungry tiger and soothing like the waves of the ocean.

You can never decide when how and with whom you will fall in love .There is no place or time for True Love. It will happen in one enthralling moment. Not all of us know when was that first moment but it’s always there. 

December 25 , 2009, was that One Moment for me. Glittering lights of candles inside the Church beaming like the endless prayers I made for him.This was the day when my prayers were answered. Walking through the empty streets , holding hands , saying almost nothing to each other but close enough to listen to what heart beats have to say – I knew my wait had come to an end. My happily ever after was about to begin in next few moments.This was the moment I fell in love with Angel .

I ‘d be lying if I say I jumped from my window to spend a night looking up at the stars with him or arranged a lavish dinner for him at the beach for his birthday. I never got into lavish ways. Paying attention to small details has always been me. Yes , I have spent nights talking to him when every inch of my body asked me to sleep ,I have hidden my cell phone lights inside the blankets ,told endless lies to my parents on my dates , cried for nights , fought my entire family to get married to him , rejected boys for stupid reasons,expressed my love in every way possible.

As a small token of love for completing 6 months of marriage and 4.5 years of love as a Couple , I made for him a Diary with our photos since we first met . I asked our close friends to WRITE for us , our journey , how they felt when we finally got hitched and every minutest detail they remember about us. I had been after them for months to get this done. I forgot directions ,landed in another city in a foreign country with a zero battery phone for my Love.

This is how it speaks about the day that officially made us ” Each Other’s “

We always had a choice to Run Away but we always chose to Stay. Being a family approved couple took us two years longer but guess what , True Love is always worth the wait.

We celebrated our Birthdays together . These pictures are from the very early days of our relationship before we proposed each other .He always made me feel special and I always wanted someone like Him

After Marriage  madly in love with each other.

And this is how I made my friends and his friends write a piece of love note for both of us sitting seven seas far from them with a time gap of almost 18 hours. Only I know how I managed to do this. Angel was shocked and surprised at the same time as he had not thought of it in his weirdest fantasies. I had pictures of 5 years stocked at one place bringing back all memories to him.

This Man made me realize that the ones who love you will never leave.They might have a hundred reasons to leave you but will find one to stick with. He kept his promise , made me his wife one day and paved my way towards a Magical Life.

P.S – I wish everyone has someone like Him .

P.P.S – Watch the Video and share some Love

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3 thoughts on “The Ones Who Love Us Never Leave Us

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