No Fikar , chat Quickr

I always run towards the T.V Room whenever I hear Quicker Advertisements.They are super Hilarious always. My family knows how Insane I am and still love me. BTW , I believe this is a great concept . Anything that removes the middle man and keeps buyers and sellers directly connected is always a great Idea. Quikr has been a savior for many of us. We can buy and sell things like a Middle Class Family and still boast of it.

I was apprehensive about it until a friend,Nayab of mine told me that they could find a buyer for their sofa -set that was worth a few pennies for the Kabadi Wala. They fixed up the price with the every first call of enquiry.But you see not everyone gets lucky like Nayab. You are entitled to a great risk by making your phone number accessible to public. And nobody has the time to attend fake calls and entertain them. 

This hurdle had been beautifully solved by Quikr Chat.With the app Quikr NXT , you can with the reader before taking calls. It becomes easier and more effective this way.

Here are my 3 reasons why I would prefer online chat over phone call on a classified platform ;

1- I hate taking calls

I am someone who is always explaining people why I could not have taken their calls or been cursed and tortured by being told , ” Throw away your phone “. I feel uncomfortable talking to people over phone. I am great at Texting .I can do blah blah when I am physically present with the person. Talking to strangers over phone can be a nightmare to me. There were times , I never attended calls by unknown numbers.BTW , I equally hate calling people.There are handful of people privileged enough to see on their screens my name with Calling…..

2- I love SMSing

If you’re on my phone list , You’d know you text me and I reply back within seconds but you call me . I might not call you back for days.I am a Text Savvy Person. I can type at a speed of 100 miles per second.Just Kidding.For me Quikr NXT is a blessing. I do not have to talk to strangers on phone. 

3- It is easy to press IGNORE while texting

Imagine you are on a call and this person keeps asking you – How old is your car  ? How many miles have you drove ? Where all have you taken it to ? Is it okay if I ride it on mountains ? Can I take my dogs in the Car ?  You are obliged to answer them all and keep the courtesy of not banning the phone on his head but with a text , it’s as simple as BRB and block them instantly. Sssh..I just told you one of my deepest darkest secrets.
This Post is a part of  Indiblogger Happy Hour Contest sponsored by Quikr where bloggers ahd to state 3 reasons why they would prefer online chat over phone calls .

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