Direct Dil Se

Don’t Remember when was the last time , I just poured my heart out with a pen and a paper or wrote a blog post that stated my current situation. If you read my earliest posts , I used to mention tiniest details of my day. What made me smile , what made me hurt and what made me think.

I wonder If I have closed doors for people to peep inside my personal life. Maybe , I learned the art of saying things differently.I know that the right people would just know.

 I know how to hide what’s too delicate to be told.

Something tragic happened in the family.Someone very close is fighting the battle of life and death. I have lost so many loved ones in past few years that I feel shattered.My mother’s sister , my sister’s husband ,my friend’s sister and my pet .Life is Unpredictable. And Growing Up is the worst part of dealing with Life , at least with me. You start losing the ones who had babysat for you , the ones who knew you since you were 1.It’s Tragic. Life screws you from head to toe and You can’t do anything but smile.We  are Ephemeral. People leave you without getting sanctioned a notice period.They go within a moment’s notice or without making any sound. Life …. It is to be Cherished. We crib about all the things and never realize one day we won’t be ALIVE Anymore to find faults with things , people and situations and maybe that would be the day , we would realize , ” Kash jee liye hote apni marzi se ( Wish we had lived life our way)

Angel was not there with me for 2 days , we met for an hour barely. I missed him so much that I cried. It’s Insane , I know. I am so Madly in love with this Man that every moment without him lasts a Lifetime. When we met today , I could not stop myself from kissing him. What I want to tell you is You realize how important someone / something is for you , when they are GONE

There is someone with whom I lost all connections inside. I am cut off from them internally. They have hurt me more than I could handle and I just decided to completely Ignore. I have respect for them but love has vanished. I never had plans for Revenge but my courtesy might hurt them.Yes , I have reached the stage of my Life where I can let God take care of the ones who do me wrong and sit back and watch Karma ruin them. I wish God forgives them for what they are doing to me.

When something is over for me , it’s OVER. I do not let people go easily but when I do , I make sure I shut them forever.

Being with Angel , I know I have the Best of Life.

Nikita Goel


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