You Were Designed To Rule Not Obey

Let go of who you think you should be and embrace who you are– Brene Brown

Do you ever fear that  who you are  isn’t enough — you put on a mask and become someone you’re not to avoid rejection?

This has been me for most of my life. From a young age, I felt I was not good enough.Growing up as an Introvert surrounded by Extroverts was a step towards Self Destruction.

Everyone seemed to be Different from who I was. I felt unloved. I kept myself aloof. Never let anyone know who I was inside. I wore masks and pretended to be one of them.

Wearing this mask for so long became exhausting. I felt alone standing in the crowd. I knew I had to come out of the mask and show the world who I was without the fear of Rejection.Learned it the hard way, To be Different is to be Beautiful.

When I started exploring who I was without being judgmental, I knew in my heart that Some of us have been designed to Rule and not Obey.I was never a part of the Crowd. I knew my worth and this was a moment of realization that I can’t afford anymore to let people stay in my head rent -free. I knew that I won’t make anyone tell me what to do with my life.This was the moment that changed my life for better.

I was finally Free. It was liberating to tell myself that I do not need anyone else’s approval. I started attracting Dreamers, Believers, and Doers. My life had transformed. The Universe had my back. I could see beyond the visible. I wanted to scream and tell the world, ” This is what I am “

 God had whispered in my ears, ‘ You can be anything you want to be, You can have anything you want from life, You hold the pen of your Destiny. Design your life your way ‘

One of the most crucial lessons of my Life had been – If you don’t love yourself, the rest of the world would find it difficult to love you either “. The Universe reflects who you are.We see things not as they are, but as we are. I knew that my responsibility is for Myself and nobody else. I can’t change anybody but myself.My Life shall be what I want it to be.

I cut myself off from anyone or anything that made me feel small. Now, looking back, I see them stuck at the same place. No growth, No change, and No development. They still discuss the petty issues that ain’t doing any good. The sight from the above is Horrible. I often feel pity for the ones who did not change themselves with the changing times.

To Shine, you would need to face Darkness.

Have you ever expressed your gratitude that God chose you for his most difficult battles and let you win over Yourself. Blessed are the ones who are his warriors for their name shall be engraved in stones. The ones having a Perfect Life have been deprived of the Joy of Victory. You can’t Win before you decide to Fight. You won’t Rule if you always Obey.


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