100 Reasons Why I Love You

1- You are the Man of my dreams

2- You are Caring

3- You love me with all your heart

4- You fought for me with everyone.

5- You stay up late to talk to me even when you are feeling sleepy.

6- You love my family

7- You help me be the best I can be

8- You understand the things I do not say

9- You plan surprises for me

10- The way you look at me

11- The way you ask me how was my day

12- The way you hug me and go to sleep

13- You never tell me ” the food was bad “

14- You are an Angel

15- You love your family a lot

16 – You are a gem at heart

17- You are a wonderful friend

18- You are a man of words

19- You keep your promises

20 – You remember my birthdays

21- You know how to cook

22- You never dominate me

23- You read my blog

24 – You tell your friends proudly about my writing skills

25- You are happier than me when I win

26- You never say ” No ” to me

27 – You have always stood by my side

28- I trust you

29- You mean the world to me

30- It does not matter to you whether I earn or not

31- You never make me feel bad about myself

32 – You hear all my crap

33 – You have heard my stories hundred times

34- We are great together

35- Doing anything and everything with you is fun

36 – I miss you

37 – I love you because you are joyous.

38- I love you because you are loving.

39 -I love you because you delight me often

40-I love you because you spoil me

41-I love you because you would rather be home with me than anywhere else

42-I love you because you are nice to my friends

43-I love you because you help your friends

44-I love you because you are my best friend

.45-I love you because of the way you hold me in your arms.

46-I love you because making this list is easy.

47-I love you because new reasons show up every day

48-I love you because I can’t imagine my life with out you.

49-I love you because of who you have been in your life

50 – I love you for who you are

51- I love you for your dreams in life

52 – I love your passion for photography

53 – I love your patience

54 – I love how you deal with people

55- I love how you balance your life

56 – I love how you get excited about little things

57 – I love your soft cheeks

58 – I love your cute baby smile

59- I love your hairs

60- I love your soul

61- You watch my favorite channels on TV

62- You never stop me from doing anything

63 – You love babies

64- You are always helpful

65- You respect old aged people

66- You are a darling brother

67- You hide nothing from me

68 – We never get bored of each other

69- We give each other space

70- You make me feel loved

71- You can’t hear a word against me

72- You click great photographs of me

73- You are a friend to my friends

74 – Your loyalty to me and everyone or everything that matters to you

75-Your selflessness

76- How you are always 100% honest no matter what

77- How you always stand up for what you believe in

78- How much you and I share in common together about everything

79- How much you’ve taught me about life and myself

80-Your excellent people skills

81-The fact that you would make the best father anyone could ever ask for or hope to have

82-The fact that there is nobody else in the world like you and nobody will ever come close

83-Your vast knowledge about everything

84-The amazing new experiences that I’ve shared for the first time with you and only you

85-The heart-touching things you’ve written for me

86-The way you always encourage and believe in me

87-The fact that you are as much of a dreamer as me

88-The fact that you are without a doubt my true soul mate

89-How you always know what to say and how to say it in any situation

90-The amazing way you always seem to be able to read my mind

91-How we always still say or do the exact same thing at the same time

92-How you always comfort me or give me a shoulder to cry on when I need it

93-The extraordinary amazing things that always happen to us that never happen to anyone else

94-How much you know about me now and that you’ve seen both my good sides and bad and that you still love me anyway

95-Your gentleness with me

96- How we think about the same things at exactly same time

97- How you are tender and soft with me

98- How much it hurts you to see me in pain

99- How great we look together in our pictures

100- How wonderful I feel when I write about Us.

Written for Cupid Games 2015


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