Men are Cars are inseparable

Since the earliest stages of my life , I had a strong dislike for anything automobile.Things that required engineering and machinery work were always hated by me.
I was a pretty much typical girl with ribbons in my hairs , pretty frock and boots and who played with her doll house.I had a huge toy kitchen set with almost everything.You name it and you find it. Speed , Thrill and Excitement were alien to me until I met this man , who is my husband.

Angel lives , eats and breathes car. His love for cars is Unconditional , Ever lasting and sort of Devotional. It was with him , I started getting out of homes , knowing not where to go and having the best dates of your life. He is insane , he is mad and passionate about ” Unknown ” I have seen him looking adoringly at his own car , feeling sad for a scratch and literally caressing the car before speed breakers arrive. This is how Men feel for their Cars.

A scientific study suggests that men experience more emotion when looking at images of car design than they do when looking at images of children.”Appreciating an aesthetically pleasing design is an experience which combines understanding and emotions. These are so closely intertwined that it is impossible to distinguish between them. Aesthetic experience involves a unity of sensuous delight, meaningful interpretation, and emotional involvement.” So , women – we won’t ever understand their love for automobiles but we need to know that it’s very close to worship.

The power and freedom men and women feel when a machine follows their commands is a main driving factor for love of cars. It answers both our instincts and socially constructed perceptions of happiness.

Men develop personal relationship with their cars faster than women because they perceive their car as an extension while women don’t. Women do experience that for example with their homes
Moreover, by owning the car of their dreams – often a high performance, luxury vehicle – most men equate it with them and take pride in their car. Stylish, powerful luxury cars give men the ability to customize, which is another key to satisfaction that makes them take great care of the vehicle, which explains this testimonial:

“I like to listen to my car. You can hear when the turbo clicks in – that vacuum-cleaner effect. You can just feel the giddy up effect, and the sensation of power is brilliant – you can feel it through the steering wheel and the back of the seat.”

So, the car becomes their perfect match on many levels.

So , coming to the point. January , for those of you don’t know is a month that marks endless celebrations for me. It’s the month when not only the husband and wife celebrate their birthdays but more three- fourth of the month is spent in partying as we have friends and relatives who are fellow Capricorns. We , actually I have been thinking about owning a little red car that could take me to places without being dependent on someone to pick and drop me. And just than , we heard about TATA MOTORS releasing The Bolt this 22 January. Now , If you ask me why would I like to purchase this one – I had say it’s economical , cute,little red thing 
When Angel answers the same question , He’d say


Its beautiful  how the slightly redesigned smoked projector headlamps, the new grille and bumper have transformed the boring Vista into the sporty Bolt.It has managed to bring in a lot of freshness and charm to the on lookers. Thanks to the new 15-inch alloys and the blackened B- and C-Pillars. The C-Pillar, apart from being blackened, gets some graphics which can be a head turner.

The rear sees a neatly integrated spoiler and a diffuser like element with a fog light. The redesigned taillights do not feature LED elements but look great when lit.

The Bolt’s dimensions are at 3,825 mm in length, 1,695 mm in width, 1,562 mm in height and 2,470 mm in wheelbase. It has a ground clearance of 165 mm, and the petrol model weighs between 1,095-1,125 kg, while the diesel weighs between 1,132-1,160 kg. If you haven’t already done the math, the Bolt is a good 10-20 kg lighter than the Zest.


The Bolt’s cabin looks similar to that of the Zest’s for most part just a few minor changes.First off, the dashboard is finished in an all-black color (Tata calls it ‘Java Black’), which according to the company will appeal to the younger target audience of the car.

The system has a clever way of becoming a navigation device as it can mirror the Maps application on your phone. Given that most customers of the Bolt are bound to own a smartphone with data connectivity, this system certainly makes sense, and is a rather clever way of saving Tata a few thousand rupees from actually offering a GPS system, which by the way none of its competitors offer anyway.This makes Bolt stand a class apart.

The 8-speaker Harman system in the Bolt is the best sounding in its class; the clarity level is superb! the Bolt has more leg and headroom at 918 mm and 971 mm respectively. While headroom and legroom are comparable if not slightly better than the Elite i20 (currently, one of the largest in segment), its the shoulder room that really impresses as seating three abreast seems very comfortable in the Bolt.
The rear seat backs fold in a 60:40 ratio, but even with all passengers in place, the Bolt can take 210 liters of luggage.


The top-end Bolt will get smoked projector headlights, fog lights, 15-inch alloys and a rear spoiler with wiper. Inside, power windows for all doors, electrically adjustable wing mirrors, key less entry, driver seat height adjustment, steering mounted controls with voice recognition, climate control and the fully-loaded Harman touchscreen system with 8-speakers are offered.From the safety aspect, the Bolt gets dual front airbags, ABS, EBD and corner stability control.

Engine and Gearbox:

The Bolt will be offered with the 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine and a 1.3-liter diesel engine, both paired to a 5-speed manual transmission.The positive qualities of this engine first.
It’s extremely silent, and vibration free at idle.Next up is its low-end response. The Bolt doesn’t pick speed at a very quick pace, but the engine doesn’t shudder when its at a very low rpm at a high gear.


It’s not old wine in a new bottle, the Bolt feels completely different and better to drive than the Vista.

“The road holding capability is brilliant”

The Bolt indeed makes its case as the sportier hatch twin of the Zest, and as the second comeback product for Tata Motors. It ticks the right boxes, and while prices are yet to be revealed, its no secret that Tata is indeed targeting an aggressive number.

Although , we are still awaiting the price of the beauty , The Bolt is partially ours.

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2 thoughts on “Men are Cars are inseparable

  1. YES that is true, I still got the very first car i bought with my own hard earned money , its been sitting in the garage for the last 5 years now ..

    All the best for the new car

    and Happy birthday to the both of you 🙂



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