What defines Enchantress

She aspires to be filled with so much love and light that when she enters  a room , it changes the vibration of that place. I ain’t sure what exactly defines me but here’s what definitely does not.

1- I am Weak
I might be just the opposite of it . I can take the shittiest of people in my life and still hold that grin. My faith in God , my belief that someone in heavens protects me , my guardian angel makes sure I RULE. Giving up is not a word God meant for me to understand. I have been through toughest storms and I know how it feels to be ALONE. I determine for myself what happens in my life.

2-  I lack faith in myself/my God
If you notice , I address God as mine. I have often said that I am his favorite child. If there’s one thing I always pray to God is asking him to keep me close . Faith can be like carrying an umbrella when there are no clouds. You have to be passionately insane about what you want to SEE . You gotta drive in zero visibility and say Thanks on your worst of days. Isn’t Easy.

3- I am Unambitious
I do not have goals, I have dreams . ” If your dreams don’t make them laugh ,they aren’t Big enough ” Read somewhere and since than lived these lines. I do not dream about a million dollars but a smile I could bring on millions of faces that would satiate the hunger of my soul.

4- I am Unhappy
Happy people do not spend hours complaining about the bad weather .They never put others down.They will always make you feel High on energy. When things go wrong, as they often do, they say, “That’s good. You will learn something new !” And then set about finding something positive about the situation. When you ask them How have they been ? They always say that they have been Great. 

5- I am not Selfish
Yes , I am selfish. I do not give people more chances than what they deserve. I would not waste my time on conversations that bring me no good. I think about myself all the time. I am a staunch believer that this is your LIFE. You can’t be dead and wonder , ” Oh , had I not listened to her , my life would have been different ” Listen to your Call. You came here alone and you will leave alone. In heavens , we are all a Family. We aren’t divided up there. Your Family should not come in your way while you chase your dreams.

6- I am Indecisive
 Confused , sometimes but never unsure.When I make up my mind on something , there’s no stopping me. I had rather been very very sure about the major decisions of my life – like marrying Angel. When all the world stopped me , I stood tall with what I had decided. People would criticize you either ways , listen to them or do not listen to them. Nobody deals with the results but You.

7 – I do not love my Life
I bet , you find me another being who loves Life like I do. To be Alive is  a celebration in itself. Why bother when we all are gonna die one day. Live in moments. Your Life is someone Else’s Dream. People wish to have the things that you take so casually. Regret is Bad. Trust the Process. Everything turns out to be Perfect , ALWAYS

I would like to be remembered as a fond memory . I wish I bring smile on faces when they say my name. If I could decide what should be written on my Epitaph when I am dead , It would be –

” The Child who thanked every minute of her life all that was bestowed on her by her Father . She was indeed , God’s favorite. ”

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One thought on “What defines Enchantress

  1. There is nothing wrong in being a little selfish .. after all you are number one for yourelf always ..

    and ditto on the confusion thing, I cant make up my mind easily but when i do then i go for it .. right or wrong time will tell

    Good to know a lot more about you



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