The Year 2014 can be best summed in three words ” Roller Coaster Ride ” which is freaking scary , full of ups and downs ,you almost feel the end of your life and when it’s over , you laugh till your stomach aches.

The first day of 2014 was spent in Hollywood , Los Angeles which absolutely was a DREAM COME TRUE. You won’t believe but this was also the first time I was actually celebrating New Year not sitting in front of my TV. And yes we kissed when the clock struck 12 .You can go through my year 2013 here

1- My Best Friend got married

She is a Warrior who has gone through some of the toughest phases of life beautifully. Nothing defines 2014 more than the fact that she found her Mr.Right.

2- Best Birthday of my Life

Angel made my birthday Angelic. Everything was like I always wanted it to be , midnight surprise , walk on the beach , Italian food , candle light dinner ,flowers and nobody to disturb us.

3- First Wedding Anniversary

We were going through a bad phase , this day was not much about celebrations but about the strength of our relationship. The excitement of completing an year of togetherness under the same roof can be read here

4- Won exciting prizes all the year

This year has made my determination stronger than ever before to make pen my sword. I won vouchers , books , gifts and trophies for writing. Needless to say I am greedier than before too.

5-  500th post at my Blog

A glorious moment for the Writer in me.Read here

6- Someone very close stabbed in my back

I had tried all means and ways to win her heart . Everything seemed to be settled but she had never stopped hating me .She had been bitching about me since always and I trusted only what she said on my face. It was a moment of REALIZATION that some people would always hate you even if you feed them pure honey.

7- Love hate relationship with India
Ever since I am back from the City of Angels , my heart yearns for it . I hate INDIA for n number of reasons and love it for a million things too.

8- Missed my family more being two kilometers away from them
Strange but I wasn’t missing my home so much in USA as I did when I returned back for what so ever reasons.

9- Angel can’t get any better
He has been the Perfect Husband all year long. I continue to fall in love with him many times for different reasons.

10- Perfect kick ass start to 2015
Amidst the wilderness is true wealth. In the laps of Himalayas ,away from the mess Delhi has become, It couldn’t have got better. The Perfect New Year.

Lessons of 2014

1- Do not blindly trust what people tell you . They are falser than the vows made in vodka.

2- If they hate you , they will HATE YOU all their lives. Stop finding faults in yourself, there isn’t anything wrong with you.

3-  Your Decisions should be your own.It’s your Life and nothing should stop you from chasing your dreams

4- Let them bitch about you , they have got nothing better to do.

5- India is not a place where you can spend the rest of your life happily.

6- If you are emotionally balanced in your life , nothing can cause you harm.

7- Lack of Freedom can be devastating even if it is as trivial as  not being able to wear what you like to wear .

8- True Friends would be there for you even when you shut doors for them.

9- Some People are always JUDGING you  .  

10- You can lose your loved ones in a blink of eye , cherish them.

11- I tend to put on weight when I am unhappy.

12- Small Minds and Wide Mouths often go together.

13 – You have to forgive people even when they are not sorry for your own sake.

14 – Trust God always.

15 – God has kept you where you need to be, NEVER DOUBT HIS PLANS FOR YOU.


8 thoughts on “2014

  1. good lessons 🙂 i learnt a few similar ones myself.. over all a great year!

    let's hope 2015 is awesome awesome awesome for all of us


  2. Hi Nikita, You are changed person now. Some bitterness has seeped in your soul. My questions:
    1) why let anyone else make you so pissed off?
    2) If India is not a place worthwhile to spend rest of life, then those people who are Not So Blessed to be in USA, are lesser mortals, and cursed.
    As per my thought, pros & cons of everyplace is there, but India is million times better than Syria, iraq, cambodia, gaza, and this list goes on unending. Dont you agree?


  3. Abu ,

    Bitterness has not seeped in and it never will 🙂 I am an over dose of sugar myself.

    Place has nothing to do with it..I wanted my readers to read between the lines. India is a blessed nation.I love India a lot. Whatever I am today , I owe to my nation and the values instilled inside me are a gift BUT…India Today is not a place where you can live happily without being shrewd . You gotta cut throats to reach the height.

    You gotta face corruption at every step to set your mark.

    Life is difficult here and people are not willing to grow with the time..They are stuck.

    Nobody is blessed if they are in USA.There are more suicide cases in developed nations , they are not happy despite all comforts..Why ? love is missing

    pros n cons are there..what suits my dreams is not India as of now.


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