My kind of Love

Angel was working on his laptop looking very tensed with four lines crawling on his forehead. I called him twice and he replied lousily. I went closer to him , hugged him from back,almost trying to swing on his shoulders,kissed his neck and he was back.

He – Pass on my medicine 
Me – I am taking my own medicine right now ( hugs)
He – ( smiles) ( kiss on forehead)

Not all of us wish for the same kind of love. We have different perspectives about love. My idea of love is cuddling in bed and talking about our childhood . Showing love and concern no matter where you are and with whom.

Fighting and reconciling within moments without caring about who was wrong. Because in a marriage who is right and who is wrong is not the question . That night in Thailand , we were sitting near the beach with our drinks and nature itself was celebrating our love. Sea seemed to be rejoicing and waves were welcoming us.  There were sky-shots in the sky. It was like Magic and the long conversations we had are to be cherished forever. He said ” It’s me who has kept him grounded till date. He could have collapsed much before without me ” He calls me his emotional strength and I know he feels happy with me, a happiness that can’t be created with anyone else.

There are times when a soft rather shaven touch can bring back all those first time moments back in your life. I would be lying if I say I do not really care how my man looks , I do and all of us think about it. A tall , dark and handsome dude who is well groomed is an eye candy for all women. So , Men what could be a better way to steal hearts than being clean shaven and well groomed.

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