Unshaved is not appealing until and unless You are John Abraham

This Post is  written as part of his post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette.

This is part real and part fiction. It’s about Suraj , a deadly handsome man with most extra ordinary skills.He can allure everyone in the room when he begins to speak.That is the kind of impact he had on men and women.A Rock-star by nature and a Leader by default , he is immensely loved by his colleagues , friends and family.

With God’s grace and his excellent communication skills , he grabbed a Multinational Job and within months a staff comprising of 2000 employers knew him by name.He was promoted.He held International Meetings and manged to impressed his colleagues worldwide.He quickly learned how the management works and how departments co-ordinate with each other. He is a jack of all trades.Give him any work and he’ll get it done.

So , what was that one thing when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.

Let’s find out

You’d be amazed to know that this Man is also very spiritual.He practices Meditation .Amidst his trip to Rishikesh , he spent his days with Brahmans , Yogis and Gurus. I told you this man can strike a conversation perfectly with a 4 year old child , 90 year old man , a beggar and a Minister.He has this Charm and Persona about him. When he reached office after his trip , he had transformed.Long Beards, Scary Eyes and careless attitude towards things , which was an impact of ” Materialistic World and the Real World “

There was an International Meeting and he had missed out on certain things which caught the eyes of his Manager.

” I can’t belive it’s You – Suraj. I have not encountered a single mistake since the day you joined . But this is Shocking.How could you miss on the most crucial details when the meeting is about to start in few hours.”

He felt embarrassed .

” And look at you , Are you a Yogi from some Ashram of Rishikesh .Is this the way you are going to represent our Company .This is Disguisting “

He apologized and ran towards his cabin , quickly caught hold of his Gillete and came back shaved, cleaner and smarter.

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