Bring back the touch Couples !

Married for an year and half , I am quite eligible to write about the re-igniting the passion between couples 😀

Marriage is  Beautiful Responsibility , I would say. We get to do so many new things in such little time that we often leave behind the crux of it all – the love .Love is what had brought you together and it’s love that shall keep you tied life long. How can we start taking for granted the feeling of love. One way to reignite the passion is through sensual experience of touch. You can’t deny the kind of impact a simple touch creates on us.

The touch of his hands caressing your arms , the touch of his breath behind your neck , the touch of his fingers inside your hairs. ” One Touch ” can create wonders in a relationship. We should not forget to show in simple silly ways that we love each other. Just a kiss on forehead before leaving for office creates a megawatt charge inside our bodies.When you are going through a tough time , having sleepless nights , it’s his touch reassuring you that he’s never letting you go.

Take a good look at yourself and assess whether you’re projecting the image you want your someone to perceive. No need to get a makeover or become something you aren’t for anyone Else’s approval. But regular bathing and minimal daily grooming are a must. Get inside his favorite clothes and surprise him.Take care of your skin ,there’s nothing more intoxicating than flawless , smooth and soft touch.

Do things together , watch movies of same interest . Listen to music. Lie down , look at the stars and hold hands of each other. Go for long drives , hand in hand.It’s less about being at expensive resorts , traveling in Audi and BMW and more about being present. Make the most of what you have.#bringbackthetouch

Written for Parachute Advance Body Lotion – Bring back the Touch


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