Magnificient Mediterranean Home !!

Mediterranean-style homes mimic those traditionally found in Mediterranean countries, particularly Spain, France and Italy. A low-pitched tile roof, often red, is the most distinctive characteristic of this style of home plan. Usually finished in stucco, these home plans often include extensive outdoor living areas, columns, and arched windows and openings. Wrought-iron balconies and details are also common characteristics of these homes. And I had love to built up a home some day quite like a Mediterranean setting.

 I would adore the  radiant colors of the Mediterranean be my inspiration when selecting colors for my dream home. From the shimmering blues of coastal waters to the vivid yellows and reds woven into decorative textiles . Harness the splendor of Italy ,capture the magical charm of  Morocco, evoke the sophistication of southern France , imbibe the colors mingled with Indian Tradition and enjoy the luxury of encompassing the entire world inside one roof.

Carrie Bradshaw’s style Wardrobe where I can see the best investment of my life. Isn’t that the only dominant dream of all of us – to never run out of good clothes and shoes to wear.This is what I’d like as mine

They say every house speaks something about the people that live in it. I had like to be known as Classy and Fabulous. Here is my pick on Kitchen Furniture

We all want our bathrooms to encourage a sense of peace and serenity, so it’s important to make sure your room’s color scheme isn’t doing the opposite by appearing too intense and abrasive. Here is my pick on Bathroom

And Bedrooms as Elegant as they can get. The room where most beautiful moments of your life are spent should be as grand and as You as it can. I personally appreciate mirrors in my bedroom and lots and lots of comfort. Large Lamps that give an ease of Royal Charm entices me.

Living rooms as better as they can get. White is the color of Sophistication and nothing else makes it more Royal .Living Rooms should be Huge with intoxicating views of the garden area . I like it minimal furniture and more space.

Like bliss , purest of all blessings. I would do anything , ANYTHING to own this !!!!

Jacuzzi , the home is incomplete without the royal treatment

A breath taking Exterior

Shopped from Porcelanosa and written for 24kliving


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