My 500th Post :)

January 2010 

Confused , Clueless and Scared. Angel was probably the first one who encouraged me to write. He was also the first one I handed over my secret diary voluntarily. Something inside me knew that this man sees me as I am. He knows my Dreams and will help me realize them. Like they say , ” Lovers don’t actually meet somewhere , they are in each other all along.” He is the reason I started my Blog and named it ” A Simple Soul “. Here is my First Post and Angel’s favorite too.

January 2012

It was a terrible way the year had begun. I had earned some great blogging friends and they were  my saviors. Blogging had become an integral part of my life. I knew someone was reading , listening and understanding me. I kept writing secretly every day, none of my friends knew I had my own virtual space.This Post speaks about what I was going through at that point of time. This virtual reality of mine helped me who I am today.

December 2013

This Post summarizes  my year 2013 . After a long fight for love , we had finally revolted. We got married this year. If you go through my blog posts of 2012 , you’ll see the daunting faith I had in God.The strong intuition that became louder with each passing day that Angel and me were made for each other and no power on earth could separate us when God is with us. This year had revolutionized my life. It was the most Beautiful Year of my Life. All my dreams came true in one go.This was also the year when I started receiving awards for my write ups. I have won more than 25 times for writing my heart out here

August 2014

 Some more of me unapologetic me here. I am hopelessly Optimistic today. If the whole planet was about to collapse , I’d be here singing songs for the new world. This courage is what I received by being myself at my Blog. I have learned so much , so much from writing down my thoughts that it’s inexpressible. I often feel the urge to write , like one yearns for a drug.Writing has become my strength , my power to shake the world quietly.

500 Posts
270 followers worldwide
Priceless Courage to be Myself
Ability to make others Think , Dream and Empathesize
Love from all over the world
Some great great Friends earned

World Wide Followers

Entry Page views
United States
United Kingdom

 France                184

This is what I achieved in these four years of my Blogging Career 🙂 Grateful Forever towards God. 


8 thoughts on “My 500th Post :)

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