Nothing’s in your control

The raw truth is that you can’t control any single person – no matter how close or distant they are to you – ever. You will never be able to unless that person or group of people are willing to make the change.
You can also never control your external circumstances. Of course, you can manipulate, impose or resist certain events, but you can never have complete and impenetrable control. You can’t control what happens, when it decides to happen, where, why or how. We never have complete control over life or other people, and it’s foolish to waste our time, energy and resources in such a pursuit – Aletheia Luna

Stop being RESPONSIBLE for everyone else than you , yourself

The problem is you want to know everything about everyone but not Yourself. Ever wondered more than half of your life was wasted in gossiping.

What is your business if someone is pregnant / not pregnant ?

What harm does it cause to you if someone decides to not get married ?

Why are you so much interested in knowing whether or not they are still together ?

Why do you judge someone who keeps on posting great pictures ?

Why are you so bothered about what’s happening in someone else’s Life?

Ask Yourself

Maybe you don’t like your Life much.

Go with the Flow

If you think about your life for a mom ent,you will realize that for the majority of the time,
you have been resisting, fighting, struggling, and generally refusing to accept and flow with the present reality.

One side of us strives to fulfill our social duties, obligations and expectations to attain a kind of  acceptance amongst our friends, lovers, families and colleagues. The other side of us craves to revolt against every belief, dogma and standard that has ever been unjustly imposed on us – Aletheia Luna

We are forever fighting with ourselves and those around us in wanting things our way. Life is spontaneous and natural .Do not mess up with it’s rhythm. Go with the flow. The Universe is perfectly balanced , having a problem means there’s a solution. Every misery teaches us a lesson. Learn and Grow.

Never blame yourself for things that went wrong

I know many of you would not agree to it. You’d say how would one improve if mistakes are not acknowledged. Blame and Regret are poisons to your soul. They drain out happiness and joy from your Life. ” You never lose , you only learn ” mug up these words. Things will go wrong and Life , at times would be more messed up than you’d ever imagine it to be – take a deep breath .

Pat your own shoulder and forgive yourself . Yes , Forgive yourself .

Ask not Assume

There would always be things that are a little vague or unclear. Ask before you assume and make judgements. Sometimes , things are just the opposite of what you had thought them to be. Trust the Process. Life unfolds at it’s own pace. All secrets shall be revealed soon.

If you take things personally you will remain offended for the rest of your life. 

Zero Expectations

” Neki kar kuye me daal ” { Do good and forget about it } God is watching , he shall reward you.You owe people so much at times and all they do is turn their backs when you most needed them to be around. It either has happened with you or will happen with you. Very rarely in life people give back what you gave them but the Universe is chaos free , everything you sent out in the Universe shall return to you tenfold.

Keep your Expectations at Zero and everything that comes shall be  a pleasant surprise.

Nothing belongs to You

Can we all just stop labeling things , people and places as ” MINE ”  .They aren’t. You have been gifted things and there’s nothing you can take with you after life – Don’t we all know it ?

Nothing is Yours.Stop getting attached to things at least – my pen , my room , my table. One moment and you’ll be gone and everything that you thought was yours would be in someone Else’s hands.

Free yourself from the Material World as soon as you can

Do not worry about what I’m doing, worry  why you are worried about what I’m doing


7 thoughts on “Nothing’s in your control

  1. nice post. We have to go with the flow, we cannot march-past through life all the time and take each day as if we are going on a war with the world. letting go of useless things, managing our time better and distancing ourselves from useless gossip definitely brings sunshine into life.



  2. Ideally all your views are essential practice to be done. But, I am amazed why people are so stonehearted. Moreover, its human to be curious, to feed our mind with gossip drug to distract from serious life. So knowing who made her pregnant, causes some light moments, alleviates boredom, etc.
    You shall know that boredom & monotony are more phyco killers. Overall, a very motivational post.


  3. Thank you Angels..keep the love flowing 🙂

    Ankita – Agreed !:)

    Abu – Knowing who made her pregnant would kill boredom ?? reallyy

    Megha – Where are you girl ? soo soo busyyy

    Muhaddisah – Glad to know that you read the new about me..Thanks 🙂 I am honoured

    O.E – Your posts are very very inspiring , even if I am not able to leave comments often


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