Understand , Do not Judge

Listen more than you Talk.

People keep their souls bare in front of you every time they Speak.Listen, Understand and Never Judge.One basic desire is to be Understood and not Judged.There could be one hundred reasonsย  a person behaves in a certain way. People are more messed up than they’d ever show you. Everyone is fighting a battle, be KIND always

Anger = Fear

We thought it was the other way round. People who get angry easily get things done quicker. Where does this Anger come from? Fear, fear of losing things, people or command over situations.They are Insecure and Weak.

Understand why things are the way they are

It’s easy to pass a judgement and call her a Slut, what is difficult is to understand what made her so. Depth in all things will make your life beautiful. Go beyond, cross the lines, get inside the roots and understand.You’ll grow as a human being.

Letting Go

It demands Courage. Let go of all the ill feelings you have kept safe for other people. Any hatred in your heart would cause you pain.Let Go – Be Open to everything and attached to nothing.

Love cures all

Love everything about you. Be so present in the Moment that when you die, there shouldn’t be a single moment you’d say was wasted. Love cures all pain

Queens bless and never curse

Even if you’ve got all the power on Earth to destroy them, Choose to Bless. Ask God to bless them too. Let there be so powerful positive vibrations inside you that when you enter a dark room, It lights up on its own.

Be the most glorious creation of God, Make God proud of who you become ๐Ÿ™‚


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