Festival of Lights – Diwali

Remember we were supposed to write an essay on ” Diwali” as kids. It started like this – Diwali is a festival of Lights. Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and people of Ayodhya celebrated his return by lighting diyas.Pick up any 5 year old child and he’ll tell you Why do we celebrate Diwali ! But we as so called ” Responsible , Mature , Civilized , Grown Up Citizens of India” What is the significance of Diwali to us ??

Don’t tell me , You are happy on Lord Rama’s return .It was more than a thousand years back. Diwali to us means a long break from work , sweets , new clothes , decorating our homes , crackers and meeting friends and relatives. Oh Yes , It’s also that time of the year when we flatter Goddess Lakshmi through n number of ways. We seek blessings from her in form of gold , silver and diamonds. Are we not Selfish to the Core ????

Understand the true significance of Diwali !! Ever wondered what our ancestors wanted to teach us through this Festival ? Ever spent a thought on what relevance does the Lord Rama has in our lives ? Did you ever told your younger ones that Lord Rama is also called ” Sarva Guna Sampana ” ( One who possess all good virtues )

May be , our ancestors wanted us to be like Lord Rama .What if DIWALI meant to install in you all the qulaities Lord Rama had. We are way too good in being Ravana , The Devil and that happens quite naturally to us. We always want things that belongs to someone else. We can start a War on smallest of things and Probably our EGOs are far bigger than that of Ravana.

God made us all in his Image and celebrating Diwali should mean that Our Aim in Life is to achieve Perfection like Lord Rama. Lighting Diyas never pleases God.Instead , go home and light a diya inside your dark soul. Light a candle of joy in a poor man’s home. Bring Happiness and Joy Home this Diwali by being a source of it.

This is what Diwali means to me 🙂

Written for Diwali – a time for Family


8 thoughts on “Festival of Lights – Diwali

  1. Hi Nikita,
    warm wishes to you & your loved ones, on this Diwali. May God continue to bless you more, and you continue inspiring the world. On this occasion the song by Katrina & Waves aptly suits : “Love!! shine a light in every other heart”


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