Game of Blogs – Siege Saga -Chapter 24

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    The Bar appeared to be like an haunted house waiting for a single soul to peep inside and care enough to hear the stories buried inside. Jennifer and Kareem hid themselves under the table and the space inside could only suffice one of them .Kareem held Jennifer by her waist and made her sit on his laps. She submerged herself within his embrace and wept uncontrollably. ” Sssh…Ahana. You are my little brave Warrior .Didn’t we all knew this is how it’s supposed to end someday ? Had we not sold our souls long back to Mephistopheles ? And look into my eyes and say We didn’t knew HE was creating Frankenstein out of innocent souls ?” he too sobbed.

” It’s too late to question ourselves if or not we are doing the right thing”

   We have no rights on ourselves. Mere puppets in hands of our Godfather. We owe them , we owe them lives of thousands souls. Quran says Karma is supreme. Do your own  KARMA and leave the rest in God’s hands. May be we were born for this day, our Karma is to satiate the desire of revenge of the Devil. We are fallen angels Ahana. Let’s not forget that ” Kareem confessed .There was a familiar honesty in his eyes and he felt deep guilt for being a part of this mission. Isn’t it strange ? One man in power employs many others to fulfill his own DREAM when we all have very less time to work for our own. Such is Life. You fight till your last breath to attain what was meant to be Yours.

No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back.” 

   Jennifer was adamant .” Turn back because it’s never too late to start over again. Allah knows our intent was never wrong. We have been cheated Kareem .Their loved ones brutally murdered, the survivors are taken hostage and locked in a room, completely cut off from the outside world. Left alone and afraid, they soon find themselves desperately searching for answers while locked in a life or death struggle of their own ,Why the hell don’t you understand ?  Let’s run away from here. ” Kareem stopped Ahana from saying another word and said , ” Baby , the only way out is Death. We cannot escape alive from this trap. Shekhar might support us if we help them free the hostages but HE won’t spare us. He would kill us for being dishonest . 

Death is Everywhere around us. There is no Escape.

   Kareem wasn’t afraid of Death. He looked at himself as a crucial part of Mission , lifeless Robot , a machine that ought to be useful to Man. Jennifer , on the other hand , was visualizing a peaceful, happy life .She was determined to stop Aryan Ahuja even if it takes her life. Amidst the hide and seek game they had been playing with the troops , She remembered her school days. She always managed to find out all hiding places and nobody could ever search her. She was a Winner always .Her Principal adored her as she was equally good in academics as in sports. He used to call her ” My Warrior Princess” Kareem was always envious of Jennifer and often played pranks on her.
” I know one Man who can stop this War ” she said loudly. ” Not even God is capable of ending it now Jenny . You are hoping against the Hope”  said Kareem with a grin. ” Aryan is unstoppable. A Monster in making , He is reckless , brutal and heartless. His soul yearns for human blood. Someone who knows no Fear.

He’d been part of so much terrorism  that there was something of rigor, as in mortise, about him. He has ferocity of the Tiger and strength of an Elephant.

  I still remember the dreadful day. It was meant to be a happy day. He was going back to his hometown and take his parents along with him to the City of Dreams , Los Angeles. Little did he know that it would not be anything close to what he has thought. He was barely 22 and was well posted in a reputed IT Firm at Los Angeles. Aryan’s parents finally agreed to move to a foreign land but nobody knew they would never see their only child again. His parents were slaughtered in front of his eyes. He had brought his dad’s favorite rum chocolates and white lilies .Everything vanished in front of his eyes when he saw 5 strange men who had covered their faces with black attire , had mercilessly killed his parents.

  For a few years , he had been in comma. He used to sketch those monstrous eyes and one day he became one. There was no looking back. He was a terror to any snake that came in his path.

 ” I recognize terror as the finest emotion and revenge as the purest of all sins” Aryan lives by these words.

The clock struck by twelve and his phone started buzzing continuously. ” It’s time for them to sleep , a long , long sleep ” he pointed the pistol towards the Hotel.
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2 thoughts on “Game of Blogs – Siege Saga -Chapter 24

  1. Rather than being an Enchantress, deviating from your true essence, you are now frequently writing very gloomy & moribund articles/ posts. Although such topics are reality of this world, but say that chilling account of these tales provide a sense of helplessness and disgust.
    To append your thought of this article, i say that “Terrorism is the Purest Kind of Evil”. This conglomerate of dark forces & evil must go, lets join our thought for making every dream of life flourish on earth. Hope you agree, even if you disagree, say something


  2. I agree with you Abu 🙂 I am not very good at writing Thrillers..It was quite a tough task for me lol

    Terrorism has to be eradicated from its roots ! It's disheartening rather heart shattering that little children are taught and trained to KILL..they learn to hate before they can Love..


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