Doing the Right Thing ! ( Game of Blogs Part – 16 )

Team – Story Weavers
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Jennifer sensed something malicious when she recalled that Abba had never mentioned the name ‘Aryan  ‘ever before. “May be Kareem killed Abba for a Larger Mission of which I am kept blindfold . Is it that Aryan works for Kareem secretively” she kept wondering.
Taking cautious steps towards the Army ,  her soul tearing apart into two. She had to forgo all the Dreams of Abba .” Allah , forgive me . Forgive me for cheating my own kilns. Heavens can not be attained above the death bed. ” she consoled herself. It could be the most terrible mistake of her Life and She might not be able to come out of it all her life but somewhere inside her heart , she had made the decision. A flash of sunlight beamed through the windows into the dark , dark corridor as she walked towards the Main Entrance Gate and she knew Allah was with her for it. She smiled .
Shekhar was approaching towards her hurriedly . Her throat choked and she wanted to turn around , run away and never return. Shekhar had been sent by Intelligence Bureau as the Information was very sensitive.
” Stop Jennifer , I am not going to do you any harm as long as you promise to support us “
He knew he could squeeze out the deepest secrets lying dormant inside her sun conscious  if he could convince her to SPEAK. Shekhar could read minds too. He had been trained accordingly. The Fear that spoke aloud in Jennifer’s eyes was alluring him.
” We know Who You Are Jennifer. You are a Secret Agent working under —— and very much a part of Terrorist Attack in the Capital “
“We can sort this out if you extend help to us. Think about Tara and Roohi .You do CARE for them and You can’t lie to yourself. There are innocent souls out there who did you no harm. God shall not forgive you for this deed. Jesus shall not forsake you ” he said pointing his gun towards her.
Jennifer sobbed 
“Yes , I’m on a Mission .I have been designed to Kill. I do not fear Death ,I FEAR IMPRISONMENT. What do you expect from us ? We can’t let our men be slaughtered by you just because we belong to a certain Religion. It’s You who forced us to become what we are today. You can’t put the blame on us.” She kept her heart out in front of Shekhar.

 ” We are not like you. We do not wear Masks. You’d be shocked to know that Your Government has been funding us for arms. They wanted Innocents to be Slaughtered”

Shekhar makes sure he was secretly been followed by Army and gives them a Thumbs Up.” Corruption has it’s roots in our own Country , I won’t deny but You know in your heart that You’re not doing the Right Thing . You can be the Savior but You chose to be the Destroyer.” Shekhar pleaded Jennifer to disclose their Mission .
I do not know a thing about Mission. I was sent here to keep an eye on you and Tara. You have been on top of the List .I was living with Mr. Hernandez since 7 years and It was a part of the Plan. I am Ahana , not Jennifer
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