How to be Beautiful in all possible ways

 Hear me – You are Beautiful just the way You Are ! All of us  are Beautiful . True Beauty is seeing beauty all around you. Beauty is Truth , Truth is Beauty in words of John  Keats.It’s the Society that is Ugly which calls you Fat , Dark , Skinny, Old, Wrinkled or Grey Haired. You gotta be Yourself. Being anyone else would only create more mess and take you nowhere. You don’t have to look like Models in Magazines ,They’re all Fake. Only 2% of the girls have Zero Figure. Men like Curves , only Dogs go for bones. I’m sure we’ve heard /read all of it many many times but Have we Understood ?

  Reveal your Outer Body

We all have a Highlighting / Extra Ordinary and Uncommon thing about our body which sets us apart from others. Focus on your Positive.Having a beautiful body means taking care of what you put in and listening to what it has to say.
– Eat Healthy : Avoid Greasy and Fatty foods .They are doing you no good.They make you feel tired and weakens your digestive system.Make sure you take sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.Skipping Meals will not help you lose weight,Ever.
– Exercise thrice a week : Relax ,You don’t have to run 10 miles in a day. Work out thrice a week can work wonders for you. You can make new friends and stay happier.In the long run , It will make you healthier inside.
-Listen to your Body : You don’t have to starve yourself when every ounce of your blood is craving for an Ice Cream Go and Have it. Stay at Home , Skip your Jogging for a day if you feel tired.

1- Protect your Skin

You will feel your Best if your skin looks like healthy and clean.Washing your face regularly and using the right beauty product is the key.
– Stay away from Sun : No matter what your skin tone is , you have to avoid staying in sun for long.
– Drink lots of Water : Water keeps our skin hydrated and prevents peeling and darkness.Eight Cups are recommended.Don’t we all know this.
– Remove Make up before you sleep : Like Always.

2- Proper Hygiene

If you smell fresh and clean, you will be much more likely to make a good first impression.
– Wear Deodorant : Avoid giving off an undesired smell.
– Shower Daily : It keeps you Fresh
– Wash your hairs : Greasy hairs make you look Unhygienic

3- Keep your hands and feet Clean

You can easily make out if a person takes good care of himself/herself by looking at their feet.It take a lot of abuse from simple daily living. Make sure that your skin stays moist and your nails stay groomed.Regular Manicure and Pedicure Spa is advised.

4- Protect your teeth.

  Not only do they give you a great smile, but they also keep you eating all of the foods that you love at any age. Brush your teeth every morning, every evening, and after every meal, if you can.

5- Pick a Great Hairstyle

Hairs are your Crown. They need to be taken care of more than skin. Protect them from Sun.Use Ayurvedic Home Remedies to keep them soft and shiny.

6- Chose the Right Kind of Clothes

Your wardrobe does not have to be expensive to be beautiful. It just has to showcase your style and flatter your body. Remember to choose quality over quantity. 

Develop your Inner Beauty

1- Seek Wisdom
We love to be around someone who is always smiling and blessing others.Positivity is Contagious. It attracts people towards you. Read books from Wise Men , Listen whole heartedly and  Believe in Miracles.

2- Be Generous
You don’t have to be Wealthy to be Generous but Rich by heart.Give something to charity.If you can’t give money , give your time.Seek Blessings from Elders.Do something for someone that they can never pay you back.

3- Spiritual Path

Find a way to see yourself as part of something larger so that you can be more compassionate toward your fellow humans. You are beyond this body.Know that the whole Universe is One and We, too are made of the stuff stars are made of.

4- Let Go of Bad Feelings

If you hold on to bad feelings for a long time, they will poison your soul.  Control your emotions. If you’re angry with someone, don’t let it turn into bitterness or resentment. Go out into your backyard and scream, call a friend and vent, or take a kickboxing class to work it out.

5- Be Authentic

 Say what you mean. Live life according to your values. State your opinion in a courteous way. Don’t pretend to be someone else.The World needs you just as you are. Part of being a beautiful person is knowing when you should hold your tongue. Though it’s important to be yourself, it’s equally important to recognize that we are all flawed beings and that you can always improve your character.

6- Express Gratitude

If you look at things you are blessed with , You’d know that God already gave you enough. Instead of being thankful for what we already have , we are always looking for something else. A Beautiful Soul is forever feeling Gratitude towards the Universe .

Written for Beauty Glimpse Contest. Hop on the Website for more Beauty Delicacies.


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