Things I will never apologize for

When it’s right , you feel it. You don’t question it or convince yourself. It’s just Right It’s you who decides for yourself what is Right and Wrong.

1- I won’t apologize for being  stubborn when it  comes to my ideals of life.

 I have established my Life on simple fundamentals . Nobody on Earth is capable of shaking them apart. People will do wrong to you , they are going to hurt you ,blame you , criticize you and tear you apart. You have to stay STRONG AND MOVE ON.

They who make you suffer , suffer deeply themselves. Give them love and show some kindness. I wonder how traumatic life they lead with huge files to be maintained of who did wrong to them when and how should they revenge. It’s like a Fire that keeps burning inside their hearts and they often talk about burning things around them. What’s inside shall come outside too.

2-I won’t either apologize for being Myself.

 This is who I am and don’t even dare to Change me. I chose my friends and You have no business in it. I am not letting go of anything /anyone for your whims and fancies. Grow Up  or forget it. It’s too late Now.

I decide for myself How my Life is going to be. I respect you but that in no ways mean You can control me . I won’t apologize for opting not to be Disrespected.

I am Self Obsessed and I love being that way. You have a problem , well it’s your Problem. Deal with it Yourself.
Negative Vibrations are the only thing I’m allergic to. I would take all the possible measures to not let it get inside me.  Yes , me and my Laptop , perfect life.

3- I won’t apologize for always standing by his side. NEVER.

Angel is my Everything , he’s not just my husband , lover or best friend. I value him above all. I am always like ALWAYS going to be with him even if he plans to murder someone. LOL

4- I will never apologize for breaking a Rule , that isn’t a rule.

Never let anyone tell you what to do. It’s your Journey , people may walk with you but Nobody will walk for you. Break the Rules. Push the boundaries and spread yourself like the sky. Be the best version of Yourself .

5-  I will never apologize for telling you how I feel, for speaking my mind, standing up for something I believe in or expressing myself
I will speak my heart. I really don’t care If it hurts you. It took me twenty something years to love myself. I don’t have that kind of time to convince you that You don’t really hate me but you hate that You can’t be Me.

6. I will never apologize for disagreeing with someone or something
 If we would all like the same stuff, we would live in a very boring world. I am proud of everything that belongs to me and equally proud of things that I adore and I am passionate about. High Taste Babes, It will take quite a few lifetimes for you to reach where I am already. ACCEPT IT.

7-  I will never apologize for being a Facebook Addict
Face it, these days we are all our own marketing brand. Not everybody is fluent in speaking the language of the intrawebs. I am Awesome and I have no shame in telling the world about it.

People will judge me for writing this post but I won’t apologize for it either. I am trying to be UNOFFENDABLE. I am working hard on not taking things Personally. I am growing as a Human Being and I aspire to be PERFECTION itself.


8 thoughts on “Things I will never apologize for

  1. You wrote exactly about me. But I would be a little diplomatic. I would use sentences like “if you think I have done anything wrong, I am sorry”. (Translation: Hey, I did not do anything wrong. I am sorry if you think like that.)


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