Things That I Have Gotten So Tired Of, Lately.

This Post is inspired by Pee Vee who blogs at Confessions of a Chocolate Obssessed

1- The whole losing weight thing. I eat.Then regret.Then exercise.Then eat and finally give up the idea of losing weight until someone comes over and asks , ” Have you put on weight “

2-  Explaining to people that I’m not Pregnant and I don’t plan to be soon. All sorts of relatives come over and ask you as if they are going to be babysitting for me.

3- Nothing is happening in my Life right now. Seems like a long long wait at Waiting for Godot.” nobody comes, nobody goes, nothing happens.

4- Cooking .Trust me I had chose to never cook if I could. Daal Roti can be a serious turn off sometimes.

5- Searching for a Job on your own terms could be far more challenging than searching for a Life Partner. Naukri and Monster are a must on my Laptop Screen.

6- Losers and Double Losers. All they care in the World is that you have put on a few pounds and They won’t stop till they tell the World about it  and make you feel  ashamed of yourself

7- My Room. I am always looking for something new. I easily get bored of things.

8-  Forgive me .But I am one girl who doesn’t much likes being gifted jeweleries. I like to keep it simple.

9- Aunties telling me that I should wear make up and glittery stuff as I just got married  year back. Where has this been written ?  Come’n let’s end it here.

10- There is a thing called ” chutki ” or ” bichuye” .Not ” ek chutki sindoor”. It’s a kind of toe ring married women are expected to wear .I had researched over it and realized this second finger of your feet connects with reproduction in your body. I hate to wear it.

11- ” Are you planning to go back to USA ?” It could be icing on the cake for you but It hurts hell lot when You ask me this thing.

12-  Myself , to some extent. I have all the time in the World to use it productively. But , I prefer Facebooking.


16 thoughts on “Things That I Have Gotten So Tired Of, Lately.

  1. Oh well, I can relate to a few points here.
    The weight issue, but in the opposite direction, people keep commenting on how 'underweight' I am, and no I am not flaunting it around, it is as difficult to deal with as is overweight. People are far more reluctant to accept because they think unlike overweight, being underweight is just a matter of choice. I wish I could punch those in the face though. And then they say, no one wants to marry a twiggy so put on some weight.
    And yea I don't like jewellery a lot either, except gold though :p I NEVER wear or like artificial jewellery.
    Job hunt can be a patience test, good luck with that.


  2. You have listed a few things that you get so tired of. Please stop with this list. Please do not add people dear and near to you in this list. Thanks.


  3. I hear you, Sister. People will keep asking the whole good news thing. The trick is to zone them out 🙂 Job hunting can be exhausting. I'm going through the same phase now…


  4. I wear the toe rings regularly. I love it. It has nothing to do with reproduction though. Atleast it has not shown its effect on me 🙂

    Some things can seriously be so annoying. Especially the relatives and aunties :/


  5. I am sick and tired of weight issues too. The cycle of depression and a minor spark of motivation then depression is never ending! Wish I was skinny :/


  6. I gave up on weight loss ages ago , and I am much happier because I am fine the way i am … and now anyone who thinks i am fat well let them shout hoarse .. I am SO WHAT …

    and Simple is always good ..

    but then let me tell you a secret .. People will have always something to say .. No matter what .. so the faster you learn that easier it will be .. WHO CARES .. what they say ..



  7. 🙂 For weight, you need not to diet sweetie. Eat as much as you want, but make sure you work out some way to burn those extras. Job, must be on your own terms. Wait, give time some time. Know what, this is the best time you can have. Once you get job, you will be getting no time. Enjoy this time, keep focus on job though. chutki ” or ” bichuye, c'mon break the stereotypes. Do when only you believe. And people, who trouble you by reminding your weight, eat 'em too. Lol! 🙂 Think good, it matters. 🙂


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