Guilt , Regret ,Worry , Blame , Gossip and Resentment

Every damn thing has a Purpose. If you’d enjoyed something even for a single moment , Guilt is not required. It’s Okay to want your own Happiness above your family or friends. You gotta treat yourself well. Do with all your Heart and Learn from your mistakes. Actually , there are no mistakes.There are only lessons. You either win or your learn. Guilt comes from purposefully doing something wrong.
Nobody is Perfect . We all make mistakes.We have to be Selfish to survive. Accept it and Move on. What happened , happened for good. Que Sera Sera.
Your Life is someone else’s Dream. People wish to have the things that you take so casually. Regret is Bad. Trust the Process. Everything turns out to be Perfect sooner or later.Things could have been better or worse. 
Sometimes we do not have control over things.Just sometimes. How we chose to react is always under our control. 

This is our favorite pastime.When we are doing nothing , we are worrying. What If’s control our Minds.We dig our own graves. We plan the worst that could happen and measures to prevent it when all the Drama was just inside the Head. 
It’s a Disease that very few people care to get rid of. They are willing to rather live with it all their lives.
This one is a weak man’s den. Those that are weak shall always find someone / something to blame on. They do not shy from blaming GOD for their dead phone. Blame restricts you from Improvement. Until and Unless , you take responsibility of your own actions ,  Coccon shall stay there.
Take the blame on yourself . Work so hard on yourself that you are left with no time to find faults in others. Be Awesome
There are no good Gossips. Talking about how shabbily someone dressed up or how much skin they are showing is Unhealthy. What is happening in the Locality and what Mrs. Gupta told Mr.Chauhan is none of your bloody business. Stay away.
The one who gossips with you will gossip of you. Take my words on stamped paper.Experience speaking here.
Happiness is Inside. I have said this so many times that i feel It should now be my middle
Accept or Change but don’t stay.


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