I’m weird because

I quit game in between when I’m about to lose
I can stay blank for weeks
I start my day by logging into Facebook
There is nothing great about Summers
I am an Indian and I hate Indians
 I can adore myself through out the day
I eat chocolates and ask God why am I not losing weight
I hate being told what to do / how to do and when to do
I do not like girls getting pregnant within 3-4 months of Marriage.WTF
I can go on talking about Life for hours, Talk about people , I would be bored in minutes.
I get bored of people like things
I yearn to be somewhere else ALWAYS
I often feel like an Alien , like I do not belong to this world.
I can smell Negativity like rotten food
 I enjoy shopping alone.
I love taking walks alone
Solitude does not annoys me
I’m a Bad Friend because
I can’t tolerate most of the people I know
I am very very Selective
I do not call my friends
I like to listen more and talk less
I’m a Good Friend because
Call me at 12 am and I would be willing to listen
I am never Fake
I would never bitch about you
I can keep Secrets.
I’m sad because
I do not like India anymore
I do not like Fights at Home.
I wish everyone valued Life like I do
Not all forgive and forget
someone very close is suffering deeply
I’m happy because
Happiness Hormones are over flooding inside me
I love my God 
My family and friends love me.
I am Blogging
I have a Great Life
I have everything I could dream of
I don’t keep regrets now
Life is a Blessing
I’m excited because
Yesterday was a Great Day
I have lost few pounds without exercise
Rains could come anytime Now.
Life has abundance to offer
Yayyy It was like a therapy or Karan Johar’s Rapid Fire Round. Written for WriteTribe

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  1. I have to appreciate one thing. You are brutally honest. No diplomatic sugar coating. I am an Indian and I hate Indians. HaHaHa. Sometimes I have that feeling. So don’t go anywhere near Cerritos or Artesia. I do not like fights at home. Hope everything is OK and nothing serious.


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